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    Re: bad behavior makes one suspicious

    Dear friends. As you know I am journalist, and in my profession we are allways traing to put the finger on the eye. In spain you can not use a foreing degree in a professional mode unless that the Goverment give it the rights to you after looking what kind of degree you have.
    The point that I was traing to introduce, and it seems that we forget it, is that we are only talking about the legallity of degrees, but we are looking to other side of the reallity about what the actual social system is producing. If you read my previous post slowly, please all, not the last, you will see. There is no possibility, at last for me, so that to understand somethig unlees you see all the points of view. So I only pray you, like a lovers of the truth, not to put all the emphasis is the degree mill instituions, let make a good review about our educations sistem. Here in spain you can not use your degree in your legal document as a passport the law do no let you can not put in our documents Licenciado or Doctorado, so the market for proud is less. The most problay is that with this fever for degree soon you will see a Bachelor Degree on Burger King, also in my country. The only what I discus on legality is that international laws are over us. If you have a degree from liberia in Spain, the goverment do not allow you to give class in the university, or to work like a social work on a public areas, and do not give it to you credit for public universities, but if the degree is acredited with the stamp of foreign goverment, it significat that in that country you are psicology, sociology or what ever the degree is on it. And the international law is by your side, you can use the degree in your documentation, in the case of USA. I discuss this with a freind of me, loyer in the government, a especialist on international laws. Any case I an not interested on this point, sure that most of you have a googd friend loyer, let them give the opinion. Degree mills and Degree mills acredited for a government are equal of miserable, but the law has this contradictions on it.
    But any case, this is not my intention to discuss on it, for me like a journalist, I am not so interested, for me is important that we can make a reflexion on a complet way about how our social system are gererating this kind of things. Any case I was also traing to find a place to put my mind out side of my country, I losted a good friend on the terrorist atack and I was thinking about the purpose of this society whem I found your forum. Thaks to all for your repliest, finally it seems that it is start moving.

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    Thank so much for your reply. This exactly show what I men. We have an epidemy of degrees, we are destroying the professionals status with this fashion of degrees. I am going to open a new university, Bachelor Degree on China food served on your house. After finishing no one will work on a china restaurant unlees you have this degree.
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    if it's Cantonese cuisine...

    There is (was?) a perception in parts of the U.S. that one would become hungry again an hour after eating Chinese restaurant food. Referring to this (which I do not find to be true), I would say that an hour after graduating from your Chinese take-out university, students will want to acquire another degree. :)


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