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    I am a case manager for clients who are mentally retarded and find that many of my consumers are also mentally ill, some quite severely. I think it would help me in my job if I took an Abnormal Psych course but cost and time are both big considerations, so I think DL would best suit right now. I would also like to take the course from a regionally accredited school as I may eventually use the credits toward my bachelor's degree.

    I've done some Googling and found some courses but I know the members of this board know far more about the subject than I do. I would really appreciate any help anyone could provide!
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    Well, for what it's worth, here's my modest contribution.

    * American Military Universoty www.apus.edu PY 311
    * Antioch University www.antioch.edu HDV 413
    * Athabasca University www.athabascau.ca PSYC 435
    Brigham Young University www.byu.edu PSYCH 342
    * Burlington College www.burlington.edu PY 220
    * Caldwell College www.caldwell.edu PS 309
    * Charter Oak State College www.cosc.edu PSY336
    * City University Seattle www.cityu.edu PSY 414
    * Columbia Union College www.cuc.edu PSYC 360
    Eastern Kentucky University www.eku.edu PSY 308
    * Excelsior College www.excelsior.edu PSYX 310
    * University of Houston www.uh.edu PSYC 4321
    Indiana University www.indiana.edu P 324
    * Judson College Alabama www.judson.edu PSY 306
    * Liberty University www.liberty.edu PSYC 430
    Louisiana State University www.lsu.edu PSYC 3082
    * Mary Baldwin College www.mbc.edu PSYC 203
    * University of Maryland University College www.umuc.edu PSYC 353
    Mid Continent University www.midcontinent.edu PSY 3113
    * University of Minnesota Duluth www.d.umn.edu PSY 3121
    * New York Institute of Technology www.nyit.edu PSYC 310
    * Park University www.park.edu PS 401
    * Queens University www.queensu.ca PSYC 235S
    * Saint Joseph's College www.sjcme.edu PY 207
    * Saint Mary of the Woods College www.smwc.edu PS 360
    * Southern New Hampshire University www.snhu.edu PSY 215
    * Southwestern Adventist University www.swau.edu PSY 340
    * Southwestern Assemblies of God University www.sagu.edu PSY 3313
    Texas Tech University www.ttu,.edu PSY 4305
    * Thomas Edison State College www.tesc.edu PSY 350
    * Thompson Rivers University www.tru.edu PSYC 245
    * University of Waterloo www.uwaterloo.ca PSYCH 257

    The asterisked* schools offer entire bachelor's degrees in psychology by distance learning.
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    Thanks so much; I'll look into these programs tonight!

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