ABD Completion and Alternative PhD Routes

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  1. rmm0484

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    This is the place to discuss courses of action for ABDs, such as finding distance education schools that will award you a degree upon completion of a dissertation.

    Thse schools may be found in commonwealth countries such as the UK, Australia, and South Africa (ZA), with ZA being the most reasonable in terms of cost.
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  2. SurfDoctor

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    I will not be ABD for a little over a year, but if I get stuck, I plan to hire all the help I need. An adviser, statistician, whatever.

    Your school in in SA, right? How has your experience been?
  3. rmm0484

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    So far, so good. They are willing to work with you. There is a different system to getting enrolled, and they have different terminologies, but I am breaking the code.....
  4. Randell1234

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    If we get enough listings/options I would say this would make an excellent sticky
  5. rmm0484

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    I am already getting several inquiries outside of this forum. The interest is there.....
  6. SurfDoctor

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    Oh man, just what we need; another sticky! :smile:
  7. Bruce

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    My first *official* doctoral class starts next month, and the term "ABD" already scares the Hell out of me......
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  8. GeneralSnus

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    Congratulations! Do you mind sharing your program?

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