ABD and lack of motivation

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Glenn, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    Currently I am ABD at Argosy University (DBA-Management); I finished the course work in about 13 months. I have been ADB about 8 months now; I have my dissertation topic selected and wrote my proposal but seem to be lacking the drive. Anyone else in this forum have an analogous occurrence?
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    It's hard.

    Writing a dissertation is unlike any other academic event in the degree ziggurat. It is simple to get bogged down, lost, confused, disinterested, etc. For the first time, you don't have a schedule of courses and assignments staring at you.

    It's simple.

    Write every day. Every day. Even if it is dull or seems unproductive. The momentum retained is more valuable than anything else. Plus, you never know when the next inspired thought will arrive, and you want to be working when it does.

    Good luck!

    Rich Douglas, Ph.D.
  3. Roy Hinkley

    Roy Hinkley member

    You can subscribe to the All-But-Dissertation Survival Guide newsletter. It comes out every month. When you get it in your email you can then say, "Man, another month and I still haven't done crap since the last one!"


    Also, a useful book on the topic:

    Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day: A Guide to Starting, Revising, and Finishing Your Doctoral Thesis
    by Joan Bolker


    Save the $11.17. Book summary: Same as what Rich says. Do a little every day.
  4. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Many of the people you're hoping to meet can be found here:
    Hang in there, I'm told it's worth it.
  5. blahetka

    blahetka New Member

    Hi Glenn,

    I successfully defended my dissertation yesterday at Argosy OC. If I can do it, so can you!

    I spent about 2-1/2 years to finish my coursework. Then it took about 2 years to finish my dissertation. As Rich mentioned, it is a question of momentum. I did let myself slide once, but then I quickly climbed back on and got back to writing something or reading something.

    While I occasionally did work duriong the week, I really did most of my work on weekends. It was the only time I could consistently commit.

    What I found at firs was that I did not focus. I completed the prospectus and then started to do the lit review. I got caught up in over analysis. Finally, with some help of my chair (part prodding, part getting me to focus) I got thru the lit review. When you complete a block, it does provide energy to go on! So, just write something. Pick times in your schedule that you know you can commit and write or read. Remember, this is a project. Projects rarely go as planned. Also, it is research, and occasionally things happen even in the most carefully planned research. So, if you have your research questions planned out, and have collected a fair amount of literature for the review, just organize it in an annotated outline and then start fleshing it in. You'll get there in no time.

    Take care,
  6. blahetka

    blahetka New Member

    Oh- one other motivational item- At Argosy OC, we were charged for each block in 3 consecutive semesters, then charged one semester unit per semester till finished. So, if you are like me, and don't really like spending money for no good reason........... Yep- I did not really want to keep paying that $530 each semester, and there was no way in H*** I was going to just walk away from all the other money I spent!
  7. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    Thanks for all the posts; I have registered to start my dissertation in the fall. Guess I just needed a little push to get over my mental barrier. Hopefully soon I will not have to explain to co-workers what ABD stands for.
  8. humbug101

    humbug101 New Member

    Hi All,

    I can identify with the malaise! I am ABD at CSU and trying to complete the research methods section of the thesis. It is a daily struggle to stay motivated.

    Maybe if we a new degree should be conferred after the course work and before the completion of the dissertation, called an ABD (Associate Business Doctorate)!

    That way, at least you would have something to put on your wall and you could truly say your are an ABD!

    Just an idea!
  9. obecve

    obecve New Member

    Everyone runs into a point in the dissertation process where they slow down or stop. The trick is to get going again. 50% never get started again. Use all the on-line efforts suggested, get some one to help on the side, study with a peer work on their dissertation, whatever it takes, get going! It will be worth it.

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