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  1. russ

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    In today's local paper there is an ad by Portland State University for MBA, MFSA, and MIM degrees and at the bottom of the ad is a listing saying (this is an exact quote):

    "Every school is accredited by someone, but only the best are accredited by AACSB International."

    I am surprised that PSU, as a RA school, would carry this at the bottom of their ad. It is also interesting that AACSB tries to differentiate themselves as an accrediting agency for the "best" schools or programs. Since this ad and their slogan is for public consumption it seems to contradict those who think that there is not any competition going on between the different accrediting bodies.
  2. Lerner

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    I dont see aproblem with that.

    Professional accreditation is a plus and granted only to RA schools.

    The same is with APA - American Psychology Association.

    Some RA Universities provide degrees in psychology that are
    not professionaly accredited.

    Other RA universities that have APA accreditation of their psychology degree programs take pride in that.

    APA accredited schools provide best credentials in psychology.
    Specially for graduates that are planing to become licensed in that field.

    So the same is in Business, Professional Accreditation that is a big plus and granted only to RA universities.

    ABET is for Engineering degrees etc.

    The best credential in Engineering is RA + ABET Accreedited.

    Professional Accreditation is USA accredits programs not universities.- wile RA accredits entire university.

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  3. russ

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    Thanks, Learner. When I first saw this I thought it was another national accrediting agency like ACCSCT. It is difficult to keep all of these accreditors straight.

    So we not only have accreditation for universities but also for separate schools inside the universities. I would be curious what the RA schools pay for that and why they feel they need to have accreditation on top of accreditation.

    This becomes more confusing all of the time...
  4. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Professional Accreditation boards or associations comprise from
    real professionals in the field they accredit and they represent the industry on national and international level.
    They rase the bar even higher and help define the needs for
    the graduate professionals.

    A visit to their web site can provide many answers.

    So visit ABET, APA, AMA, AVA etc.

    There is one for Rabbinical and other professional fields.

    As an Engineer I can tell more about ABET.

    This is from their web site

    Guidance - Supplying information to engineering students and potential students.

    Training - Developing plans for personal and professional development.

    Education - Appraising engineering curricula and maintaining a list of accredited curricula.

    Recognition - Developing methods whereby individuals could achieve recognition by the profession and the general public.

    Seven engineering societies founded the organization And contributed to its original direction and focus.

    Engineers from industry and Engineering faculty participate in shaping the needs and quality of Engineering programs.

    I asume that the same in Business leading MBA, Corporate managers and faculty shape and validate the quality of educational programs in business.
  5. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    good question

    Fees are here: http://www.aacsb.edu/accreditation/eligibility/fees.asp

    Accreditation of business programs has turned into a marketing strategy designed to give the schools with $$$$ to waste an edge over those that don’t. Notice how many of the accredited programs are state schools with taxpayer money to burn.

    For the privilege of being told what to do by the AACSB along with RA a school must pay the following fees. In return you can now claim to be better than those pesky for-profits.

    Fees from PreAccreditation Application through the Initial Accreditation Review:
    PreAccreditation Application Fee – Business or Accounting1 $ 3,400
    PreAccreditation Application Fee – Business and Accounting1 $ 5,800
    Annual PreAccreditation Fee – Business or Accounting2 $ 3,400
    Annual PreAccreditation Fee – Business and Accounting $ 5,800
    Initial Business or Initial Accounting Accreditation Application Fee6 $11,000
    Initial Business and Initial Accounting Accreditation Application Fee6 $17,000
    Fees for Accredited Institutions: 3
    Annual Accreditation Fee – Business $ 3,400
    Annual Accreditation Fee – Business and Accounting $ 5,800
    Maintenance review fees are included in the annual accreditation fee.

    Deposit for Team Travel Expenses (minimum) 4, 5 $ 3,000

    You will be told that the best schools in the US are AACSB. No mention of the many bottom feeders that are also AACSB. So is it name recognition or the AACSB accreditation that earns the ratings? If it was AACSB then all AACSB accredited schools would be recruited by the Fortune 500 the same, right? But it doesn’t work that way.

    Some are complaining of the "lower standards":


    In fact, arguably the best MBA program in terms of starting salaries in the State of Florida (Florida A&M University) is NOT AACSB. How they did it:


    Just my opinion
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  6. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator Staff Member

  7. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    Re: Re: good question

    Did you read the part:

    They are required to seek accredidation. Notice they are planning to take 5-7 years to do it. It only took the new school Florida Gulf Coast University three years.

    This is a program in existance for over THIRTY YEARS that gained national recognition as an elite business school.

    FAMU doesn't seem to be in any hurry...

    Just my opinion
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  8. Rich Douglas

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    Almost all of the top b-schools are AACSB-accredited. Now, what we don't know is which is the tail and which is the dog. Are these schools the best because the follow AACSB standards? Or does AACSB make sure that the best have AACSB accreditation? My money's on the latter.
  9. obecve

    obecve New Member

    Counseling also regulates its own field through two seperate bodies. CACREP provides the approval for all counseling degrees except rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Counseling is regulated by CORE. The primary advantage of these accreditations is to the students. Students possessing degrees from approved programs have a shorter path to licensure or certification because assured minimum standards of practice and training have been met in the approved programs.
  10. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    I agree. Interesting discussion about the Draft of the Proposed Standards for College and University Criminal Justice Degree Programs. Looks like Criminal Justice degrees are next on the professional accredidation bandwagon. I found this quote from the discussion interesting:


    Just my opinion
  11. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Even PMI now participates in accreditation of Project Management programs. So the trend is obvius.

    I think besides the prestige and recognition there is an Importance in the fields of regulated and protected professions.

    International students should check if the program in the US is accredited professionaly.

    For example ABET accredited programs are recognized by UK Engineering Concil, even in Russian federation they have now
    Professional accreditation - REI - is the Russian version of ABET.

    In other countries belonging and beeng chartered in professional association is actually a qualification required for employment.

    Chartered Accountant, Chartered Engineer etc.

    So when selecting DL program it's allways better to get in to RA + PA one in USA.

    in UK the same if I want to study electronics engineering I would
    look in to Royal chartered - privy concil accredited plus IEE accredited.

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  12. BillDayson

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    I think that AACSB emphasizes things like full-time faculty and research productivity. So that's necessarily going to favor the kind of programs offered by research universities. And the research universities usually dominate the lists of 'top' anything.

    But I think that there's a case to be made for programs with students and professors that have real day-jobs. Ideally, these programs might place a greater emphasis on industrial practice than than abstract theory.

    I get the feeling that there's an element of taste to it. AACSB reflects the taste of professional academics. Some other visions might conceivably better reflect the taste of people in industry.
  13. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    " professors that have real day-jobs. Ideally, these programs might place a greater emphasis on industrial practice than than abstract theory."

    I think this can be said about Professional Academic Accreditation in general.
  14. Rivers

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    When I have asked and I have asked professors about AACSB accrediation, the responce I have gotten 4 out of 4 times is " As long as the school has a reputatable name and a decent program then AACSB doesn't mean much". I was told by one professor to poll my freinds and family on the names of schools I was looking at because"school recognition matters most".
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    Very Excellent point, Janko Thank you!
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    Excellent point, Janko. We don't want to encourage any "trolls" do we?

    Is this how the shunning begins on this board? Are you the enforcer?
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