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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Taxing, Sep 14, 2015.

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    Shoot for spring, then you can put it on the vita for fall jobs. There will be plenty of jobs being advertised in the spring for fall 16. As long as you can put adjuncting biz law or accounting experience on there and list how you're working on this-or-that academic paper(s) (which we can get rolling on this semester, I'll PM you soon) that should make you competitive. You have a better vita than me with a top 25 JD and a NYU/Florida/Georgetown (whichever it is) Tax LLM.
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    Oh yeah, freaks students out. Especially when the prof starts teaching on LIFO/FIFO and then later throws bank reconciliations at them. People's brains explode.

    Just got out of class minutes ago, was just now teaching on cost acct versus financial acct, FASB, PCAOB, GAAP, IFRS, SEC, etc. Didn't teach specifically on CAS today, though.

    Look, you're already doing some of this stuff. Assuming you don't have many beyond principles, if you just picked up some more classes in accounting (maybe through the ridiculously cheap--for what it is--UC Berkeley certificate program Certificate Program in Accounting | UC Berkeley Extension) then did the UF PDB, you could be, literally within a year or so, ready to sign on as an accounting prof making > $150K.
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    Taxing - I sent you a PM, let me know if you got it, it doesn't show up in my sent box for some reason.
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    Got it and just responded.
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    It is certainly an interesting idea. That UC Berkley Extension program looks interesting too. I'm tempted to sign up for the intermediate accounting course just to see what it is like. However, I'm happy with the career path I'm on now. No intention on changing anytime soon.

    @Taxing - Yes, it is DCAA I was referring too.
  6. Doc Duodenum

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    Haha! So OP is obviously qualified to teach snot-nosed brats "Principles of Accounting," but the answer from academics is always "you need more education!"

    3-5 years of academic gibberish from professors who probably have less professional experience than OP doesn't sound like fun, especially if OP has to pay for their "advice." What is the solution for OP if he wants a nice, quick, and easy PhD/DBA that is fully online?
  7. Taxing

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    I'd love to know the answer. I have a feeling that nice may be possible. Quick and easy is probably possible. I doubt there is a nice, quick, and easy PhD/DBA!
  8. FTFaculty

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    It's a fair point, Doc Duodenum, he undeniably is qualified as a CPA and tax attorney to teach probably anything up through Intermediate III (which is another way of saying "ultra nasty advanced accounting"), corporate or personal taxation, pretty much anything, the whole spectrum. He's been through it all to get where he is. I think the snobby chauvinism is about faculties wanting him to have a research doctorate so he can produce sound quant scholarship.

    That said, he's pretty well good to go as is with his qualifications as they stand, he's completely AQ--which is the gold standard, there is no higher--to teach taxation at any AACSB business school. He certainly would know his way around legal and tax research, and he could fashion a brilliant career in academia with that alone.

    The only thing he probably should be trying to line up soon is some form of academic experience, teaching something somewhere. He gets that, I'd say he's almost a lead pipe cinch lock for a position next fall on the TT.
  9. FTFaculty

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    There are people who know a lot more than I about PhD and DBA programs. But again, if that's your desire, Taxing, it should probably be a long run desire, because you can make the TT happen without any additional academic qualifications. You can always doing something like a Heriot-Watt DBA after you work into academia. That's pretty cheap, solid and can be completed, in theory, in 3 years.
  10. Taxing

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    I'm likely to hold off on the DBA. I have noticed more limited residency aacsb DBAs popping up. They are all very expensive though.
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  11. Taxing

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    Not looking to get the DBA anytime soon. The programs I'm interested in are very cost prohibitive. Going to give getting a TT position a shot without the DBA first.
  12. BIGA

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    Grenoble PDB to Business not accepting applications

    I checked with Grenoble, they said they were not having an intake this fall nor for 2016. I wonder if these programs are falling by the wayside?
  13. Taxing

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    I have the same question. They started out with 5 of the bridge programs. If Grenoble ends their program, there will be two left. There is not enough interest in the programs, there is not enough demand for graduates, or it is some combination. If demand for graduates of the progams is strong it would seem like a no brainer to spend $26K to get a $100K+ tenure track gig. Of course 26K would pay for approximately 1/3rd of a limited residency AACSB DBA.

    I have googled most of the F&A graduages from Florida. Most were already teaching when they went through the program. There are also a substantial number of economics PhDs and F&A would seem to be a realtively easy transition from economics.
  14. BIGA

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    Grenoble was least expensive at 14,000 Euro, but then you factor in traveling for the short residencies, plus expenses of being an pricey area. You could be looking at $3000 a pop. Unless your employer is paying for much of it, that's going to get expensive fast.

    I think its good for a school going AACSB, then they can strike a deal and then offer it to their faculty.

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