AACSB accredits a Private Unaccredited school in India offering Certificate Programs.

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by dl_mba, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Right here I'd have to say you're off base.

    1. Most people who want a business education out of undergrad do not know what AACSB accreditation is. They know what schools are on the top school rankings and they know generally that a state school is one ok option.

    2. Painting a broad brush stroke, people who know about AACSB accreditation go to their AACSB accredited school because they realize they need to to stand a chance at getting into an AACSB doctoral program or to get a faculty gig.

    Neither of these points has anything to do with getting a good education, which is more on the student to ensure as you can send a moron to Harvard and he'll still be a moron.

    and I'm sure that only Indians bribe people? This is discriminatory language based on stereotype. While it may be true for some segment of the population and certainly not right in our Western culture, there's something to be said for cultural relativity.

    Who is the "whole world" in your example? I work with consultancy firms in India daily and I was unaware.
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    Now I have been following this thread out of general interest and while I had no intentions of posting this comment stopped me in my tracks. You realize that this is blatant racism right? Wouldn't be any different than me saying all middle easterners are terrorists because I went to Iraq and dealt with a few that were. You say you stand for what is right well racism is not right by any definition of the word. You should think before you post about standing for what is right and then fully contradicting yourself by being small minded and racist.

    PS no I am not Indian I just can't understand the mentality behind painting a broad stroke over an entire population due to the actions of some.
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    No, that proves that you can't extrapolate US accrediting situation to rest of the world (in my example to Switzerland). IMD degrees are prestigious, but for the swiss government and academia that degrees are not equal to "regular" master degrees.
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    Many of my students are from India. We talk about global issues, and yes, they say that corruption is a major problem there. That's not "racism", it's reality. The good news, albeit anecdotal, is that young people there seem to want to fight back against corruption there because they see it's hindering the economic development that they'll need to live in a prosperous country.
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    The poster did not specify some or higher ups or its changing or anything he said the way Indians get things done is to bribe. That is claiming the entire population uses bribery to get what they want. How is that not racism?
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    If you want to understand the extent of Corruption in India, go through the below site. There are thousands of stories from all parts of india explaining corruption/bribery to get things done. Idid see a few instances where a few poor people had to bribe corrupt officials to get a Death Certificate.

    I PAID A BRIBE | Uncover the Market Price of Corruption
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    My brother-in-law is from India, and he'll be the first to admit that bribery of people in positions of authority is very common in the country. If he's racist, he must hate himself.
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    You can say that Americans are fat. Or that they don't know anything about the rest of the world. Or that they only care about money. Is that being racist? Because I hear that crap all the time.
    India is known as a massive hotbed for bribery. It ranks very highly on the world corruption index along with South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, the middle east, Russia, and China.

    Transparency International - the global coalition against corruption

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