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    Hello all

    I went to a private us high school for 2 years, let's just say I messed around. I failed 2 classes, and they told me in so many words, not to come back. One was religion, one was biology.

    I then went to another high school for 2 years, more messing around but was passing. Then my parents moved to France for work. My senior year in the french high school was horrible. I didn't speak french and they don't take too kindly to ones who don't. The translator almost made me seem like I was a bother. The stereotype of them being language snobs is 100 percent correct. I eventually learned french and quite well.

    They pretty much just gave me passing grades. Now I'm 26 and I want to goto college. Issue is, the school doesn't exist, and they said they sent my transcripts to the US embassy, I guess this happened in 2008.

    When I called them in 2014, you can already imagine how confused they were. There's a chance they were never even sent over.

    Everyone tells me since I'm back in the state, just go grab a GED, but I don't want to do that. I will admit, a pain inside of me feels like, I really didn't get what it was worth. Almost like a failed the education system in a way?

    On the flip side, I'm a computer programmer. I do Java and Python, I make senior level pay and not having a college degree has never ever been a road block for me. Maybe that's both a gift and a curse. One reason this has never bothered me until late, is that, I know I'm pretty smart. I love higher level math, I love calculus. I love all kinds of different programming languages, even the abstract ones. I have a love for such topics. At work, they love me as a part of the company and always spoil me with ipads and new macbooks, so I'm not trying to say things are bad, from an adult point of view, they are quite nice.

    I want a degree in Math though. I want one badly.

    What is the quickest way for me to get a real high school diploma that a school would respect. I plan on just doing a community college early on anyways, but yeah. I really would prefer to do a diploma program. I think I could smash through the program in just a matter of a few weeks if they allow one to do as such.

    Any input here, I would appreciate heavily.

    Thank you
  2. Johann

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    Pardon me -- Canada calling. I find it strange that you'd actually have to go back and complete high school, as a mature adult, to go to college. At your age (26) you certainly wouldn't have to here. You could apply with "mature student" status. they'd look you over, put you through hoops, maybe make you take a couple of prep courses or be on academic probation for the first bit -- but I'm pretty darn sure a person with your smarts could fight his way onto the books, handily.

    You're obviously a very smart person -- your ability to learn and your on-the-job progress indicates that clearly. Are there no provisions in the U.S. system at all for mature people in your position?

  3. Johann

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    I guess I'll have to assume there is no "special pass" in the US. This school has been recommended in the back-pages of this section of the forum. It appears to be accredited, respectable and as fast and inexpensive as said respectability will allow. :smile:

    Accredited High School Diploma and Distance Education with American School

    Here's another well-recognized school. Penn Foster was previously ICS, which has been in the Distance Ed. business since the 1890s. Completely accredited and not too expensive. $995 complete up-front or -- you can get started for $1, according to what they say.


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  4. CalDog

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    There is -- it's a 7.5-hour high school equivalency exam called the GED, which is offered at low cost at thousands of locations nationwide. As the OP acknowledges: "Everyone tells me since I'm back in the states, just go grab a GED". There are good reasons for this: the GED can be completed far more quickly and much less expensively than any DL high school.

    But for whatever reason, the OP doesn't want to take the GED. It's true that a GED is generally less prestigious than a "real" high school diploma -- but it will nonetheless get you into a US college or university, which is the OP's real goal.

    And once you have a college degree, the GED vs. "real" diploma prestige issue becomes completely moot. From that point on, nobody will even bother to ask about your high school qualification; the only thing that will matter is your college degree. So the obvious recommendation is: don't waste time and money on a DL high school diploma, just go grab a GED and move forward.
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  5. Johann

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    I bow (as usual) to CalDog's superior knowledge. I recommend that the OP (Batman?) do as CalDog suggested. Forget what I said. Time to fire up the Batmobile and head to the testing center. :smile:

  6. njit

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    My advice is to find out what your state prescribes for adult learners. In NY for example, you can complete an associates degree and apply to NYSED to retroactively give you a GED. Or you can skip GED altogether and get admissions to BS in Math with the Associates degree.

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