A time bomb waiting to explode at Capella

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    With all due respect to Ike - who has his PhD at the same place I've got my EdS - an adjunct faculty is really on the "fringes" of academia - to put it mildly. They are not involved in the day-to-day business of a department.

    Reminds me of when I was invited to Microsoft's campus outside Seattle for an education conference about MOAC. Almost all the staff were ex-publisher reps. Every one of them made the claim they came "from the education field" - which any FT faculty knows is an extremly tenuous claim to make - they provide free books to faculty - that's about it. Microsoft STILL has very minor textbook penetration into academia - and the people representing themselves as "from the education field" are largely to blame - and the situation isn't going to improve as long as Microsoft doesn't know what they're listening to.
  2. Jake_A

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    What he said!
    What he said!
    What he said!
    Oh, my! Are we supposed to like where this supremely sub-standard degree comes from (Lacrosse "U")?
    What he said!
    What he said!
    What he said!
    What? shore up??! Isn't this called...... ummmm, what's the term.... cheating and lying? You are not condoning both, are you?


    Watch out! Live and learn. Wonder of wonders, we see here how it is that some so-called "professors" cheat and lie - as do some Administrators! Stay as far away from unaccredited (non-USDoE/CHEA-recognized) institutions as possible!


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    Just curious, Russell. Where did you get your theological degrees?

  4. blahetka

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    I think you will find many people on this board work fulltime and either earned their degree(s) wile working full time or are currently doing so. It is not easy, but it is doable. I earned my BS while working full time in positions that required travel. I earned my MBA while working full time and travelling as well. I did my doctoral courses while working full time and teaching part time. I did my dissertation while transitioning to a new career, starting my planning practice, and teaching part time.

    Today, there are many options for the adult learner from scheduled on campus classes through the spectrum to complete D/L. Moreover, these options are available through regionally accredited schools. So, the argument that flexibility is the sole domain of schools without recognized accreditation does not hold water. Schools that use FUD to try and convince prospects that accreditation is neither important, necessary, or desirable are preying on those that do not understand the importance of recognized accreditation in the US education system.
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    What he said!

    Mighty words emanating from the lips (or fingers) of a true sage!

    Thanks, bla.....

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    Now I am confused. I thought that a professor needed at least an MBA to teach bachelor level courses in the U.S.A.

    It can be done and it has been done by very special individuals that the rest of us call GENIUSES. :D
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    Well, us MBA types are the saviours of the world, but we are more than willing to share the lectern with the MS and MA crowd :D

    Sorry- I am in a cheeky mood today.
  8. Tim D

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    Re: Re: Re: Stottlemyer still teaching at Capella?

    I think this should serve a reminder to all posters that our words are sometimes watched much more closely than we think!
  9. "Villiage Idiot"???

    Sometimes the great work of Sigmund Freud is exemplified in the written form..... as in when one makes a jest about being an "idiot", but can't properly spell the word "village".......

    Truth is always stranger than fiction!
  10. Tim D

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    Re: "Villiage Idiot"???

    I personally would refer you back to the second half of the signature line!
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    Capella Rocks, has joined *** has been hired by...
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    Insider has just been suspended for violating the TOS. In this case it was his violation of Capella Rocks privacy by listing his real name on the forum. Not content to violate a members privacy in one thread he started a new thread expressly for that purpose. That thread has been moved to the Moderators forum. Insider has disabled his email and so it may be problematic communicating with him during his suspension. If the other Moderators feel that a temporary suspension is warranted, he will be contacted with that information.
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    Capella University is a not a legitimate college of education, because it uses student's research to acquire data to take over corporations. The Strategy professor there is notorious for doing this.
  14. dfrutrell

    dfrutrell New Member

    This is another example of how brutal the independent for profit universities operate. They think that they are not subject to rules or regulations.
  15. dfrutrell

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    Capella is a stickler for plagiarism prevention and then they hire professors with a worthless piece of paper called a degree. The best way to handle this issue is to report this crime to the education department. They will not be allowed to receive government assistance anymore.
  16. dfrutrell

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    You may want to reach up higher than the professors. There is an administration employee that has been there since 2000 and is notorious for dealing students misery.
  17. dfrutrell

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    I do not know why Capella University does not just go ahead and refund the millions of dollars that the past "owner" (who has diluted his holdings in the university) stole from unsuspecting innocent students. There would not be so many complaints if there was no legitimate reason for the unhappiness of its past students. Many victims of this university were degree holders from fine universities and had high GPAs. These students were brilliant hard working individuals that got their funding stolen from them. Time for Capella to pay back the student's money is over due. When are the regulators going to wake up or stop selling out and do something about the evil university. Also Capella university needs to stop getting on these sites and defending this corrupt so called education facility.
  18. airtorn

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    How's that axe grinding going?
  19. Ted Heiks

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    so, someone necromanced a 14 yr old troll thread?
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    Obviously, you are upset about Capella, but how is funding stolen from students? Did they not graduate? Your posts are also very disjointed. Why is Capella any more "evil" than any other university? You need to be specific; unsubstantiated rants from a single person are not very convincing....

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