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  1. Johann

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    Delaware University. Not the RA University of Delaware, with roots going back to 1743. This one is also known as Delaware American University, 16192 Coastal Hwy., Lewes, Delaware according to a whois check. This is the address of Harvard Business Services, a business which does Delaware incorporations. I'm guessing they did this one. For whom? No idea.

    Can't call this school a mill - can't call it anything, yet. Not much more than a placeholder, hardly out of the lorem ipsum stage. "Template by OS Templates," the website says. Yes, right now it's a template. What's this site going to be when it grows up -- who knows?

    Site at www-dot-delawareuniversity-dash-edu-dot-us Wonder who's behind door no. 1?

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  2. Michigan68

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    The bottom of the website has a date of 2011.

    Also the paragraph on the bottom right side says: "Talented, dedicated faculty and staff are the engine that keeps the University of Delaware, a premier research and teaching institution, moving forward in our mission of excellence.

    It is an odd site.
  3. Johann

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    Yes - I saw that text. Looks like it might have been cribbed from the real UDel site. Let's see.... yes, it WAS! Verbatim on the UDel site. Well, shows they can plagiarize, I guess. No surprise here.
    Whois gives original registration date 2014-05-04, updated 2017-04-24.

  4. John Bear

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    Laura B. Ergin
    Vice President and General Counsel
    University of Delaware
    [email protected]

    Dear Ms. Ergin

    I have been a consultant to the FBI in the matter of degree mills and fake schools since 1979.

    If you don’t already know, I think you should know that there has arisen a new entity calling itself both Delaware University, and The University of Delaware, and Delaware American University, whose website copies much of its text directly from your site.

    You’ll find them at Delaware University

    I’d really be interested in knowing if you were aware of them, and what action (if any) you have taken, or may take. (I learned about this today from the generally excellent and reliable news forum, www.degreeinfo.com)


    John Bear, Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
    Co-author, with Allen Ezell of trhe FBI, of the book “Degree Mills: the billion-dollar industry that has issued more than a million fake degrees,” Prometheus Books.
    www.degreemills.com - Home
  5. Johann

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    Great job, Dr. Bear! Thanks!


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