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    I think I really enjoy being in school, something of a sickness. Since completing my MBA at WGU I have concentrated on work, but I'm developing this idea of inputting a well known or prestige school on the resume.

    This is what i posted on the other forum:

    I'm not dissapointed with career trajectory, but I'm a little bored and missing the academics. I'm thinking of pursuing a Grad Cert but I don't want just any old thing. I'm thinking I want a prestige school or at least a well known school on the resume. My field is Health Care, though business/leadership studies would be fine and maybe preferable. I want to move beyond the narrow focus of Emergency Management and into system wide leadership. So something broader and more in line with senior leadership roles is what I'm seeking. Cost is a factor as this will likely be self funded, but I can take my time and work it out over a few years...

    I found an interesting program at Johns Hopkins that I think qualifies: Business of Health Care

    Something like this from the University of Florida is a consideration, though I don't know about concentration in Non - Profit: Curriculum - Online Nonprofit Management Certificate | UF

    I love the idea of Harvard Extension, but nothing really fits the bill for me, this is an interesting program that isn't completely irrelevant...at only three courses at $2000/course it may actually be the most affordable and quickly doable that I have found: Business Communication Certificate | Harvard Extension

    So what else is out there, think name recognition. I think this may be incorporated into my 3-5 year plan of world domination....actually I just want a corner office, meaningful work, and significant compensation (COO/CEO/Corporate VP/etc...eventually).
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    "I just want a corner office, meaningful work, and significant compensation." Don't we all?! :wink:

    I'm in a similar position (except I don't have a masters). My undergrad is from Bellevue, which certainly checks the box, but isn't exactly knocking down any doors for me either. I'm not quite ready to commit to a full masters program just yet, so I've been kicking around the idea of pursuing a grad certificate through a school with a great name/reputation. My interests are in drug safety, public health, health sciences, etc. I've found several online options that fit the bill, but most are out of reach financially.

    Anyway, best of luck in your search.
  3. rebel100

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    More than anything, I'm tired of setting goals that are too low to provide the life I feel is within my reach...so bigger goals. :)

    How about something from Penn State....I would think it especially appropriate for someone living in Philly! Penn State Online | Graduate Certificates

    This one is interesting http://www.worldcampus.psu.edu/degrees-and-certificates/enterprise-architecture-certificate/overview
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    I have thought about taking a course or two from a more prestigious institution just for the fun of putting it on the resume but really, it is not that important to me, and would not likely benefit my career since I'm doing exactly what I want to do.

    I would never put this on my resume, but during an interview, if there was any way the topic would come up so it would be appropriate to share this, I would mention that one of my daughters worked at MIT for four years, after earning her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech, and the other daughter is a Princeton graduate! I do live a little vicariously at times. :)
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    Strategic Management Certificate | Harvard Extension | Harvard Extension School

    A little prestige, Harvard should foot the bill. When you combine the MBA, work experience and then a Harvard sertificate, well I can't think of much else you would need.

    Strategic Management or what othewise might be considered corporate problem solving, shoud fit quite well into the world domination scheme. Couple that with 3 years to get through the program, sounds like a winner.
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    I hear you Rebel, especially in healthcare where its an extremely education heavy career field; I have also considered a graduate certificate from John Hopkins just so I could say I went there. Especially because John Hopkins holds a lot of prestige in healthcare. My plan is to finish my MBA and then look at John Hopkins to see if that will get me aid me in moving into the executive suite.
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    I completed a graduate certificate in healthcare risk management from The University of Florida. Not quite Harvard but since I live in Florida it fits nicely. At the time it cost a total of $2,100 and was 9 credits.
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    This is where my thinking has evolved to, JHU was very specific that they would consider you an "alumni" after finishing their Business of Health Certificate. The program is rather cool in that it borrows from across the various schools, Public Health, Business, etc... Definitely a contender. I actually set down with my hospitals COO with the intent of asking if they would fully fund this program for me. Before I could get to that he volunteered that in his opinion I don't need further education, but rather I need a sponsor and a break into executive level leadership. He indicated that he wanted to see this happen for me. He promised "soon" and has already brought up a couple of ideas for me...I'm optimistic. :)

    As much as we all dread Ebola, I have to say its giving me a chance to step up and be seen across the organization as a leader. I've never been more engaged nor ever found a more engaged and receptive staff than right now. I feel like I'm getting a PhD right now in the management of infections viral disease management. Well on my way to a dissertation size writing assignment and all. The last week has been crazy busy here.
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    I live in florida too, UF is definitely the flagship and would be a great choice. They have so many great online programs ramping up these days, exciting stuff indeed.
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    Wow, the program you completed is now $6750. Still a good deal.
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    I know, I found it when it first came out.

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