A friend keeps trying to persuade me NOT to do DL, because...

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    Troy is an exception. Troy has deliberately targeted its offerings to the military population, making it necessary to be relatively liberal in accepting credits from schools such as MCI, exam-based credits such as CLEP and DANTES, etc.
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    One of our senior project managers is a graduate of Royal Roads. My employer is a a very large manufacturer of telecommunications equipment.
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    Abner is correct (as always). I completed the BS/MBA program, for only $4,500 - what a deal, and it required real work. I took the knowledge gained and passed quite a few CLEPs to transfer to COSC.

    I actually had to retake 2 classes in the MBA program because my GPA was too low to graduate. For the BS, I tried to submit a work that said I had the equivlent and it was rejected. They did not play games. It was hard and I learned a lot. Checkout these threads I posted -
    Side-By-Side comparision of CCU’s MBA and TUI’s MS-ITM
    Side-by-side comparison of CCU and COSC
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    Yes. I am currently studying in Baruch College, CUNY now. I was given a place by both universities and they didn't give me a hard time. Admission process was very smooth and i received notification from both univerities about 7 to 10 days right after i submitted all my documents and application to them.
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    Nice!!!! Good job.

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    I encourage you to take a degree online. Both you and I are part of the working adult population and it is quite handy to take up studying online. It enables us to keep our day job while earning the degree online with lesser expenses on travel. You haven't mentioned what degree you will be taking but since you are a freelancer on the Internet you might as well be interested to take up online degree marketing course.
    Good luck!
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