A Cultural DISASTER!

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    In these troubled times of a bitter election contest, a collapsing economy, and a murderous pandemic, can we stand as a people in the face of yet another blow? Well, we shall find out: ABC is NOT airing "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" this autumn! It can be streamed, to be sure, but to trample upon so hallowed a American ritual strikes me as uncaring and cavalier to say the very least!
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    This movie is even well-known in GERMANY since DECADES, and we do not even celebrate Halloween [at least not my generation]!!!!

    HOW DARE THEY!!?!?
  3. SteveFoerster

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    I mean... maybe I'd be more upset about this if I'd had TV in the last decade. But I was an early cord cutter so to me this sounds kind of quaint.
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    I'd be upset ONLY if I had ALL 3 of TV, kids of age to watch it and no other access than network TV. I no longer have any of these reasons, so if I start jonesing for Peanuts music, I can put on a Vince Guaraldi record. Yes - I have my choice of THREE fine vintage turntables, with good cartridges in all of 'em. I don't miss TV at all, but I'd miss vinyl!

    If you DO have kids there are plenty of ways to air the movie. You don't have to rely on the network. "Vast Wasteland," as Newton Minow said, back in the 50s. Some things don't change. https://time.com/4315217/newton-minow-vast-wasteland-1961-speech/
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