A 2-Year Study Shows This 1 Activity Destroys Your Emotional and Physical Health

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    I had a gut feeling on this, so I left Facebook about 12 years ago. Glad I did. My reasons were different. I knew my Facebook contacts - knew they were real and had lives - but were frittering them away wanting MY help to play "Mafia Wars" or other fantasy games. That MAINLY - the trivialization of "real" people I knew, plus Facebook complaints about sleepless nights with baby, infestations of yard bugs etc. - a little heavy on suburbia for my taste.

    I still see, and enjoy most of those "real people." I should - some of them are family - all are friends. Just not on Facebook. Yeah, I think FB can be hazardous to your mental health. That happens and sure - physical consequences are completely possible. Never got the same vibe on DI. Disagreed vociferously with some folks and maybe disappeared for a few weeks -- but nothing permanent. Way better than Facebook. DI Shares aren't worth NEARLY the same as FB, though... :(
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    I deleted Facebook off my phone as a New Year's resolution this year and my time on it decreased precipitously. I make much better use of that time now.
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    So let's not implement any GAMES on DI. Can you imagine anything worse than these? :)

    "Degree Wars"
    "Propio-mon" (Gotta catch 'em all!)
    "Accreditation: The Final Conflict."
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    Uh oh. Just realized. Those games ARE at DI. Just buried in the threads ... we play them all the time. Hmmmm....
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