7 countries where grad school is relatively cheap

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    Wow, great read! :-D Good to know that if I have an existential freakout about grad school, I can always flee to Sweden!
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    Things are changing...

    No, not really. The article is a little bit outdated. Free Swedish higher education for non-Europeans will end in 2010! Here in an article about it: http://www.thelocal.se/12594/20080623/

    And Sweden isn't the only Scandinavian country where things change, it's the same in Finland: http://www.hs.fi/english/article/Tuition+fees+for+foreign+students+to+be+introduced+on+trial+basis+in+2010/1135238644147

    Quote from that article: The universities would be allowed to decide on how high the fees should be. A few years ago, a working group proposed a range of between EUR 3,500 and EUR 12,000.

    Wow, a jump from zero to (up to) €12,000! This would make a Finnish degree one of the most expensive in Europe! By the way, the term non-Europeans is maybe a little bit misleading since it actually means students from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. That means students from former Soviet or Yugoslav countries - with the exception of the baltic states and Slovenia - are "non-European"! :rolleyes:

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    Also, check for the language of instruction. English might be on the list but it might not.
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    Hehe, dang that wacky english language. As incorrect as everyone keeps telling me it is, I wish that people would use "non-EU" more often.

    And I actually think it's a good thing that some countries are adding tuition for foreign students, it might make it easier to keep it tuition-free for actual residents of the country.

    @Kizmet: Good point :) At that particular swedish university, they have some programs that are available entirely in English.

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