60 ECTS towards BBA

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  1. jackrussell

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    I signed up for 60 ECTS, nearly free. First semester 30 ECTS is totally free. Second Semester is 30 ECTS at 175 Euros. There are a lot of Open University courses free with ECTS. I particularly enjoy the game development with 25 ECTS.

    This is the link for all the free courses.
  2. Dustin

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    Thanks for sharing. Keep in mind that Xamk will not provide transcripts so that your ECTS are unlikely to transfer anywhere but I've heard the quality is good.
  3. Stanislav

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    XAMK provides digital transcripts. What it doesn't do is sending them to third party. A participant in sister forum was able to get an evaluation from ACEI and send it to TESU.
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  5. mintaru

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    It is not very likely that they will. To understand why all you need to do is read Wikipedia's article on "Transcript (Education)".

    From that article:
  6. msganti

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    I don't know how it is now, but when I was in college, universities in India were similar. They give you a paper copy of the degree once, and that's it. If you ever need a duplicate, it's usually when you "lost" the original, and the request had to be accompanied with a police report. Other universities and employers would verify the "original" which you'd show on demand.
    When many students started going out of India for higher studies and require transcripts, They came up with an idea. You apply for a transcript, they charge you for it, and they'd just put a seal on a photocopy of the degree and give it you in a sealed envelope. You take it to your school if they accept it directly, or send it to an evaluation agency.
  7. Dustin

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    I once stumbled onto an article about what to do if you lost your proof of car insurance (normally in your glove box or similar) that included the requirement to not only file a police report but also to take out newspaper ads in the major papers reporting that it was lost, before the insurance company would give you a replacement. Is that a standard part of bureaucracy in India? I was really surprised they'd make you go to such efforts. In the US or Canada you can often print your own insurance papers from a self-service portal, as many copies as you need.
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    Now, I can't find the specific webpage, but transcripts are only mailed to residents of Finland. Everyone else will be emailed a PDF transcript.
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    Used to be like that when the major Insurance companies were government owned. I am sure things might have changed now with the private companies dominating the market.
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