6 Institutions Gain Initial DETC Accreditation

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  1. major56

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    As I previously stated … “… this dialogue was quite foreseeable.” BTW, my postings have nothing to do with liking or disliking your posts; you’ve jumped to that assertion. That doesn’t equate to factual because of the PhD. BTW here’s a fact … you’ve admitted (e.g., “certainly”) to belittling DETC. We differ that you have no predisposed leanings with reference to DETC.
  2. Rich Douglas

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    Yep, it's easy to say after the fact that one saw something coming. Very easy.

    The facts about DETC--both its practices and the value of its accreditation--are available to all.

    And to channel Steve: I have an RA Ph.D. in this field awarded by one of the pioneers in this field. Do you?
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  3. Chip

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    Perhaps DETC will learn, or already has learned, its lesson as a result of the heat they've taken for some of their exceptionally poor decisions.

    And I can see the argument of a formerly shady school having reformed itself, and thereby being worthy of some sort of accreditation. But then, by that token, look at what you end up with... an accreditor that is the equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous for formerly terrible schools that have now reformed? What kind of reputation is that?

    *If* DETC were trying to establish a reputation as a topnotch accreditor with sterling credentials and quality that's second-to-none, you would think that they would run the other direction from the stench of some of the schools they've embraced in the past. But they don't.

    They could even say "OK, we've made some bad decisions in the past, but that's done with, and now we're going to take the most rigorous approach in accreditation and re-accreditation actions, so no one can ever put us in the "second tier" category again." But they don't. Instead, they lamely and inaccurately justify their decisions instead of just taking their lumps and moving on. They've never addressed the fraudulent accreditation issue, or, for that matter, the voluminous complaints about the substandard and woefully out-of-date curriculum at the school then known as Penn-Foster and various other schools similar to it.

    I think there's a reason you don't see the sort of shady and questionable history among schools that achieve RA. DETC could adopt the same policies (or, more precisely, follow the ones they already have), but they simply don't. And that's the issue.
  4. major56

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    Again you don’t respond intellectually to my posts but instead go-off on another tangent (e.g., look, I have a RA PhD— like this empowers both your intellect and your postings); how 'injudicious'. Rich you’ve demonstrated that you just don’t possess the ingenuity to advance this discussion any further with me. You really are quite conventional. But cheers anyway…

    P.S. Not that it was germane to this thread dialogue, but in response to your clearly haughty question … I DO NOT have a PhD; but you already knew that didn’t you? As I’ve mention, you are quite predictable in that I knew it wouldn’t take too long for you to feel the need to condescendingly flash your diploma in an anxious effort to make your case.
  5. Rich Douglas

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    I did not. Now I do.
  6. Havensdad

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    Curious: What is your problem with Nations?
  7. major56

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    In that the question toward Nations University has lingered unanswered, it’s likely you’re not going to collect a response … an answer might be untenable (?).
  8. Havensdad

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    It's ridiculous, really. I have been admitted to two different RA universities with my BA from Nations. Not only that, the textbooks used at these institutions (graduate institutions, mind you) are either the same, or of the same level as those used at Nations. The assignments are similar. The interaction with professors, in some cases, is less at the RA. The syllabus in each class at Nations, are written by highly qualified people.

    There is no reason for making such a ludicrous statement.
  9. major56

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    Perhaps you might revisit my post.

    Hopefully this is clearer ... an answer 'to your question' might be untenable by the respondent/s (?).
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  10. major56

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    Enough already … there’s just no money in carrying this further!
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  11. Havensdad

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    I understood what you were saying, friend. I was expounding upon it.
  12. major56

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    Quoting me and your comment regarding ludicrousness was confusing to me; it caused me to consider I hadn’t communicated my thought clearly. You understood, so no harm done. :cool:
  13. telefax

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    Any Trinity advocates care to share inside information on either the outcome or the reason for the delay?
  14. telefax

    telefax New Member

    Still nothing on their site...
  15. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    What is the difference between accreditation by DETC and Initial accreditation by DETC?

    As the title for this tread is initial accreditaion.

    DO you mean first accreditaion before 5 year reaccreditation?

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