30 Worst-Paying College Majors

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    I guess this from the US perspective. Some kinder garden teachers make 100K + in Ontario so not so bad for an education major. Clinical psychologists working at hospitals are also in the 100K+ range.

    Ministerial careers on the other hand are not an easy sell in Canada. Toronto closes many churches every year so it doesn't look like it is a good way to make a living. Many ministers are just part time and have regular day jobs.
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    I recommend people to stay away from arts management major. It has a very limited amount of job choices and sometimes it won't be more useful than regular business major.

    Computer Science major proved to be the most useful major of 2020... it gives you access to nearly all kinds of companies around the world.

    My old academic advisor recommended me to try out Math major but math major isn't that helpful either unless you want to teach math at high schools or universities. My friend who earned math bachelor's degree had to learn computer programming from scratch to get a data scientist job.. but if he had chosen computer science major at first, it could be much easier than that.
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    I generally agree with the above. Yes, there are teachers (at all levels) in ON that make $100K or more. It takes a lot of years (and work) to get to the top of the grid. Teachers who make that mostly started teaching 17-20 or more years ago at maybe $27-28K or even less, depending on when they started. I know several well-paid teachers - and they didn't start out well-paid.

    This is just my take - but shouldn't becoming a minister be somewhat like getting drafted - by the Armed Forces, not the NHL? You get The Call, you have to go. And no opportunity to complain about the pay. Obviously, I'm wrong, because someone I know was complaining last week that the minister of his church gets paid over $200,000 a year: my friend figured (rightly, as I see it) that a good chunk of that money should be used for doing good works. Yes, there are fewer opportunities. But some are getting fat on the remaining pool of cash. Organized religion is like sports - a money game. The people who can best fill a stadium or a church get the lion's share of the pay.
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    And yes, in case anybody else was wondering - I looked up the pay grid for elementary school teachers in Toronto, Ontario. The 2019 grid was the first year that topped out at or above $100K. Salaries started at $44,000.

    In error, I also pulled up Kindergarten teachers' salaries from Ontario, California. Here they are:

    50th Percentile Teacher Kindergarten Salary $62,853 April 27, 2020
    75th Percentile Teacher Kindergarten Salary $74,445 April 27, 2020
    90th Percentile Teacher Kindergarten Salary $84,998 April 27, 2020

    Like all jobs - some make more than others. Not everyone doing the job makes $100K+ - here or anywhere else.
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    What I said. Example (and I am NOT being critical, here. The man's work was awesome and his success well-deserved.) : The Reverend C.L. Franklin (Aretha's father) could command $4,000 for a single sermon, back in the 1950s. I've heard a recording of his work - he released 76 of them over his career - and I could see why. It was fully as electrifying as his daughter's musical performances. Rev. Franklin could pack a church! I also heard a recording of 14-year-old Aretha, singing "Precious Lord, Take my Hand," in her father's church. Amazing1 I'm sure Aretha could pack a church too, although she found her well-deserved success in a different musical arena.

    I have no interest in religion whatsoever, but I have no trouble recognizing and appreciating incredibly talented people. It's generally OK that the best get the best pay. I get concerned, though, when a major-league athlete earns 50 or 100 times the income of a doctor, who saves lives daily - or a college basketball coach earns 5 or 6 million a year. Doesn't seem right.
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    Ministry, if anything, is a calling. For the one guy making $200K, there are thousands of faithful servants making little, and often bi-vocational - working other jobs. If ministry is a job...that's a problem.

    Faithful pastors are worthy of their incomes and never doing it for the money. Biblically, its a trait of a leader to not be a lover of money. (Yes, I know there are notable exceptions in every generation -sometimes giving ministry a bad name).

    I've always felt a pastor should make a salary that is similar to the people he or she serves - not a lot less or more. Congregations do well to see that their needs are met...so they can focus on the needs of the flock.
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    This is interesting, but meaningless IMO. I guess if you don’t actually do anything with your life or your degree, then, I suppose you will forever be defined by it and you will believe in it’s limitations- please continue, it keeps the job market open for the rest of us. My undergrad is in “Behavioral Sciences” and I work mostly in “TV/Media” production areas, and I pull six figures. My brother has no college education at all...and he has always, and continues to make much more money than I do. I think one thing we have in common is entrepreneurship. We work. We make something out of what we have. Neither of us is a “success” driven person, but we come from a blue collar working class background and we have a strong work ethic, we’re also pretty clever, but I’m always surprised by these types of lists- it’s like people take their degrees and just say, “well I am only qualified to do this one job forever, so this is the fate I’ve chosen...” Well, please stay there. It keeps things open elsewhere.
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    From a tax benefit perspective, ministers get the tax benefits as a self employed person as well as an employee. Ministers get to start a church as a 501C3 organization and depending on how that organization is ran will determine rather or not the members of that organization have the power to treat him as an employee or a boss. Being an ordained minister has perks if you are more business minded as you have great tax right offs but you have a life of servitude if you are a minister as an employee.
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    Yes - but even servitude can be quite comfortable at $200,000 a year - or so I'm told. And I'm glad I read your whole name on your post, Carlton. I'd been trying like hell to figure out what kind of person a "cacole man" was for weeks, with no success. Thought maybe Cacole was a Brazilian dance. It isn't.
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    I was a volunteer minister for over a decade. Helping others was a treat, but now that I'm no longer religious, having some more money in my savings account by now would have been a treat, too. :D
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    You and me both. I wish I could get all of by tithing money back! :)
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