3 Coding Books (game development) FREE

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  1. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    Got an email notification that they've got 3 E-Books available for download - FREE

    For those looking to get into game development, this could work as a start.

    Coding Roblox Games Made Easy
    Blender 3D By Example
    Unity 2020 By Example

    Link: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/packt-summer-giveaway

    Note: I had purchased a few items affordably from Fanatical before, so I am on their newsletter list.
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  2. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    All good. Blender is very versatile. Anything graphic - it's there. It's used in the fashion design industry - so as soon as I found that out, I was all over it. My eldest grandson has been into game design since he was about 11 and I remember he shoe-horned Blender complete, onto his tiny Netbook. I was surprised to see it working...but it did. That kid did it! Years have passed. Now he's 23 and a better guitar player than his Grandpa!

    Roblox I'm completely new to. Its big thing is the way it brings people together. It looks like to do Robox development, you have to know Lua. I don't, yet, but I'd like to. I've seen it in action. Besides, it's Portuguese for 'moon' and I like anything Portuguese or, especially, Brazilian. Brazil has wonderful things - jazz, coffee, beaches - and particularly, its amazing people. Any language named Lua HAS to be good! Yep - gonna learn it. Roblox wants to connect a billion people. And it's NOT Facebook - so I think I can get on board...

    This is a good find. Thanks, Bryan.
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  3. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    Does this include the pizzas?


    They also add bananas. Sometimes, as a "sweet pizza" and sometimes it looks like they do things the Swedish way and put them on a savory pizza.

    There is also this wacky restaurant:
  4. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Portuguese: Meu cardiologista me mataria.
    Swedish: Min kardiolog skulle döda mig.
    English: My cardiologist would kill me.

    Would the food? Probably not.
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  5. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    My absolute favorite pizza is a chile pizza that has pineapple on it. I don't normally like Hawaiian pizza or sweet/sour ingredients on my pizza, but the combination of the hot chiles with the pineapple that cuts through the spice makes it so flavorful.
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  6. SweetSecret

    SweetSecret Member

    ^^^ I'm all about that! One of the worst parts about leaving the Southwest is not having access to the same chiles on pizza. I like chile with the pineapple and pretty much whatever else.

    I really wish I had time to read those game development books. I originally wanted to go to school for virtual reality and 3D educational game design. I would have loved to have done something like a virtual reality Carmen Sandiego game.
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  7. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    What kind of chiles? That sounds good, but I don't really like jalapeños or banana peppers. The ones they have in pizza restaurants don't have much flavor to me.
  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    ¡Estás hablando mi idioma! I was one of the older kids who liked it - nearly 50 as I remember. My first half-decently equipped (for those days) PC. For some reason, I never got it for my old Commodore 64 -I would have been a young whippersnapper of 43 then.

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  9. SweetSecret

    SweetSecret Member

    Glad to know I am not the only one! I also loved Oregon Trail. I have a sailing buddy of mine who was starting to get into game development. I suggested he make a sailing version of Oregon Trail. He laughed and said he was already on it. So, apparently I'm finding good people to bring into my life based on educational gaming tastes!

    I'm in the southwest, so roasted Hatch green chile. Chile roasting season is just starting and I could not be more thrilled. The smell in the air around the city this time of year is amazing, and when you walk into the grocery store it hits you hard because they put all green chile products at the front. Yesterday I even spotted green chile muffins...
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  10. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Canada doesn't have Oregon Trail (of course, because there is no Oregon Trail in that country.) So instead, we grew up playing Cross Country Canada. In that game, you're a long-haul truck driver who has to carry crops to different cities, while learning about the provinces and cities. If you get tired or too hungry, police will pull you over and warn you about the dangers of fatigue!

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  11. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    So in the updated version do you drive to Ottawa? :D
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  12. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Yep - honkin' horns all the way down Wellington St, circling the Parliament buildings - again and again. :)
  13. SweetSecret

    SweetSecret Member

    That game would have infuriated me! I did think it was hilarious though. I sent it to a friend who deals with insurance claims of truckers and shares with me ridiculous photos/videos of their messes. That falling asleep bit is a legit problem!

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