2nd Bachelor in Accting. First in General Business, online school decesion

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  1. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member

    I have a BSBA non specific from local liberal arts school. (Coker College)

    I now see a need for specialization but work full-time plus some.
    What could be said about Southern New Hampshire U or Liberty U online for the 2nd BS in Accounting?

    Are these schools just nicely done marketing or are they quality instruction and assistance between professor and student?

    I thought about an AACSB accredited school but seeing the cost difference for 2nd bachelor made me decide against it.

    I would transfer in the majority of my credits and hopefully end up taking a max of 30 Credit hours or 10 classes.

    Costs of SNHU is about 9800.00 going on above info. Cheapest AACSB is 18000.00 and Liberty is 10950.00

    Thank you
  2. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator

    Hi RaDoubleD. Welcome to Degree Info. Here's why your posts don't show up right away: http://www.degreeinfo.com/general-distance-learning-discussions/35100-new-users-ask-where-did-my-posts-go.html

    Both schools are regionally accredited so they are the real deal. Not just nicely done marketing. I have no experience with SNHU but I know Liberty really well and it's a great school. Great programs. Great people.

    Why not go for a master's in accounting? That would serve you better than another BA. Many schools do not require a BA in accounting to enter the master's program. You will often have to take a few extra classes such as basic accounting, statistics and maybe pre calc, to be admitted into a master's of accountancy program but it would probably still take you no longer than the second BA would. Even if it took a little longer, it should be worth it.
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  3. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member


    Thanks for the reply, since posting I have been reading on this site and it is a wealth of info. Seriously considering Indiana state Univ now, cheap and AACSB accredited.

    Anyway, I've looked at a few MS in Acct programs (but only AACSB) and it seems that my low 2.8 GPA from the first BS is frowned upon at many schools.

    I'm also apprehensive about starting a higher level degree when I've only had the 2 very basic accounting courses. Or is that not a big deal?

    More info: I live in a rural area of South Carolina and I have yet to find an in state "well known" school to offer a program in which I can work and attend school either by DL or night class. Hench that is why I'm seeking online out of state.

    I had a few professors at Coker tell me to go for AACSB accreditation only, good advice?

    Could you recommend a few MS or MBA in Acct online from accredited schools that will keep my hopes of being debt free (one day) alive?

    Thanks again
  4. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator

    AACSB is the cream of the crop in business degrees. They are harder to get into, harder to complete and, like you already know, more expensive.

    The 2.8 GPA probably wont hurt you if you can score pretty well on a standardized entrance exam like the MAT, GRE, GMAT or similar. I don't think, and this is just an opinion, that the GPA will keep you out of a master's program. It is possible that it would hurt you in an AACSB master's program, but I'm don't know for sure. You probably should call a few schools to find out.

    Indiana State is a good choice. I didn't know it was AACSB and cheaper, but that is a very good thing.
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  5. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member

    Indiana State University DegreeLink Program: Business Administration

    Theres the business dept site stating its AACSB accredation.

    For the money this seems better than SNHU or Liberty bc of the AACSB, does anyone reading this have experience with ISU?

    Also my reason for a 2nd Bachelor is I a seeking an entry level job. I make $10/hr as a bank teller now and still live at home. I need to get out with the least debt possible and get a job in a slightly larger town about an hr drive from here.

    With transferring credit I should be able to pick up a BS in Acct for around 10 courses. Then I could apply to the accounting/banking/credit jobs I see, and are open only to undergrad degrees in acct/finance. I think having the 2 degree plus bank exp would give me and advantage, no?

    That way I can accomplish my short term goals of moving out, proposing to g/f, and having my own place. Make sense?

    After we are established in decent jobs I would go for grad degree before babies come into the picture. :baby:

    Thoughts anybody?
  6. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    I just looked up Indiana State University's online programs and they don't offer a degree program in accounting. They do offer a minor in accounting at the undergrad level but that's it.
  7. DanielC

    DanielC New Member

    Are AACSB schools much more expensive/competitive? How can I tell if the program I'm interested in is AACSB accredited?
  8. mcjon77

    mcjon77 Member

  9. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member

    Ohhh so it wasn't a full on BS or BA in Acct? :( I was skeptical and they haven't responded to my email yet. Thanks

    I've seen that Cert before, but would that be as marketable to a recruiter as a BS in acct?

    Another thought on the Masters is this: I would skip all the undergrad level accounting coursework and go into something at a more advanced level? Seems like failure waiting to happen IMO.

    Thanks all
  10. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Excelsior has a BS in Business with a Concentration in Accounting. You would have to take 45 semester units in business but it is possible that you could earn credit by passing CLEP and DSST exams. This Excelsior degree may be a low cost way to earn a second degree.
    Excelsior College | Program Details
  11. muaranah

    muaranah New Member

    The OP already has a BSBA, so doesn't need another undergrad business degree, nor can he/she get one. I think either LSU's accounting certificate or a MSA would be better options. For the MSA, if you plan on getting into public accounting, experience and a CPA license are more important than AACSB, although if you can get into an AACSB MSA program and can afford one, by all means do so.

    To get into an MSA program, in addition to your bachelor's degree and a GMAT (where relevant), you'll need the requisite undergrad accounting courses, which at a minimum will be Intermediate Accounting, Income Tax, Auditing and Cost Accounting. All of those courses are available from LSU.
  12. BobbyJim

    BobbyJim New Member


    If the OP really wants a 2nd bachelors in accounting, he/she could do the LSU certificate plus a few more courses and transfer everything to one of the Big 3 for a 2nd degree.
  13. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    If you really want a second BS in accounting, you really should check out Peru State College. It's a very affordable state college in Nebraska. I transferred in 90 credit hours from my first BS, completed 30 credit hours through PSC and then graduated for about $5,000 total.
  14. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member

    AV8R: That sounds perfect! I was looking for about 12 classes or less and Liberty online has come the closest with 15 classes. Is Peru accredited and how is the quality of the online classes and instruction? How are classes scheduled? Thanks for that reply!

    All others: My logic is this, I live in a rural area where a BS in acct would likely get a job in a small city about an hour away. I could sit for the South Carolina CPA exam with the courses I have and the ones I'll complete with a 2nd BS.

    I'm a 10.50/hr banker that still has to live at home and could not afford 30k in grad school (Southern New Hampshire online Macc) I have the cash on hand to straight up pay for 10k or less in classes right now and still put a chunk down on a better car for when I do move up & out.

    An in-state school, Charleston Southern Univ offers an MBA online and is a known school for SC. The plan is cheap 2nd BS to qualify for CPA license, then a basic accountant job in a bigger area, after a few years of that and getting married etc. I would go to CSU online for the MBA in acct. I've read its a great combo to have a CPA + MBA in acct. Would anyone agree?

    I would love to go ahead with Grad school but the costs kill it plus I dont remember everything from the 2 acct classes in undergrad. I am intimidated by grad level work without a full foundation in accounting.

    Thanks once again!!
  15. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    Peru State College is Nebraska's oldest institution of higher learning and was founded right after the Civil War. Yes, it's accredited. It holds regional accreditation. PSC offers many 8-week online courses but most of my accounting courses were semester-length.
  16. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member

    I've applied and looked through their website and even on wikipedia. I like the fact that they have been around since 1867.

    Waiting to see what they will transer from the BSBA.
  17. Psydoc

    Psydoc New Member

    As suggested by a previous post, Please look into a Masters in Accounting. The number of courses will be approximately the same although the cost will be higher. The plus side: you can sit for the CPA Exam, you may be able to teach in a Community College, you will be one step ahead of those who have a bachelors. You may be required to take the GMAT, but this should not be a problem with a few days of study.
  18. mcjon77

    mcjon77 Member

    Since you already have a Bachelors in general business, you REALLY REALLY should consider a masters program like this:
    Master of Accountancy Online - Accelerated Accounting Degree Online

    It is taylor made for non-accounting business majors like yourself. Here are the prereqs:

    There are other schools with similar programs. Check them out.
  19. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member


    mcjon and psydoc I know you guys have good points with getting the masters, but I dont think I could afford another 30k in student debt right now. Im pretty sure ill have all required CPA courses after both Bachelors too.

    I may go for MBA in acct after getting the bach and a job.

    I am writing this reply before I click the link to your program mcjon, but i'll repost if I make a change in plans. It sounds just like something i would need.

    I have also studied for the GMAT previously but quick about 50% through it. tisk tisk
  20. RaDoubleD

    RaDoubleD New Member

    Wow that really is taylor-made to what i would need...I'll see what Peru will require of me for the Bach and compare costs/time to this saint joseph program.

    What can you tell me about St. Joseph? Do you have experience with their programs?

    Thank you for posting that btw

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