2nd Bachelor in Accting. First in General Business, online school decesion

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  1. Shawn Ambrose

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    Upper Iowa University has an online MBA with an Accounting emphasis:

    Upper Iowa University - MBA

    Tuition cost would be around $17K

    Upper Iowa University - Admissions - Annual Costs

    As an FYI, I am an Asst. Professor of Business at a small private university. If one of my Business Admin BSBA students told me that they were going to complete a second bachelors in accounting after earning the BSBA, I would strongly discourage them from doing so, and urge that student to earn an MBA.

    Good luck!
  2. Ted Heiks

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    Yeah! I think the op needs to check out the MBA Sticky, located in the Business and MBA Degrees sub-forum, which lists about 420 online business related master's degrees, complete with school name, websites, majors (eg, accounting), tuition, and accreditations, broken down on a state by state basis.
  3. RaDoubleD

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    So employers requiring a bachelor degree in accounting for certain position would be more likely to hire an BSBA and MBA in acct graduate?

    From what I know MBA in acct only requires 3 or 4 accounting classes plus all the general biz courses like my BSBA, where as a 2nd Bach would need about 10 or more.
    It seems like I would more or less be in the general biz area that I want to get away from now.

    I'll take a look at upper Iowa too, i've spoken to a former professor and he also recommend going to the masters level. Maybe i'm just stubborn or cheap but I'm still hesitant.
  4. mcjon77

    mcjon77 Member

    I have no experience with the program. I just know that they are a small, Catholic, college in Maine with a solid reputation. They have some nice videos of their campus on YouTube. If I needed an accounting degree, that is where I would go.

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