29 Facts That Prove That College Education In America Is A Money Making Scam

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    A lot of damning rhetoric about profit schools. Here's a doozey:

    "If you went to an long established college or uni and earned a degree in a meaningful subject your odds of getting a job are very good. It's all the people who were awarded "degrees" from these commercial outfits run out of store fronts like Phoenix, Kaiser, Art Institute of Wherever etc. that are hurting. Those outfits sprang up/expanded when student loans became easily available. Their whole goal is to get kids to sign away their lives for there junk degrees."
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    Interesting read.

    Higher education is the only consumer product I can think of where there is no real expectation of quality. And not only that, but it's the only industry I can think of were if the customer is not happy, a school may not provide a full refund.
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    Not in my experience. For example, at this beginning of this semester I signed up for a graduate level course in accounting at a local AACSB accredited university. I went to class and the professor kept yapping about what a great school he graduated from, all of the amazing papers he had written, and so forth. Most of the class was all about him. At the end of the class I felt like I had completely wasted my time. I didn't learn anything, that's for sure. And he wasn't even remotely clear about what we were supposed to be working on the rest of the semester, either. So, I decided to drop out. He may have been a brilliant man, but he was a terrible teacher.

    Just for going to that one class, the university kept 25% of my tuition (about $400). I tried to appeal this and my appeal made it up to a provost. But no...they wouldn't budge.

    This is not my first experience with poor quality in higher education. It's just my most recent one.
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    I read stuff like this, and I think the average person thinks it's all hype. That THEY won't fall into the issues of time and debt. It's unfortunate. I shared this link on my book's page, I think people should read it. Thanks for sharing it. Great read.
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    :thinking: This comment doesn't even begin to address the quality of the education experienced in pursuit of a degree from any of those schools, only how they are perceived by employers. Negatively, apparently, but how else is an employer to view such a degree when the only info they usually have to go on are comments just like these in poorly researched articles, web forums and baseless water-cooler chatter. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy. The education might be terrible, or, it might be superb, but the only reason why people think the degrees are junk is because people keep saying they are junk.
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    Getting an education is not a panacea and it won't lead anyone to the end of a rainbow. A Bachelors degree is just a rite of passage; after the degree is obtained, the degree holder has an entire lifetime of work waiting for him. Get the degree behind you and then pursue your calling in life.
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    I'm not sure how interested I am in the higher education opinions of someone who can't spell.
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    Those were my thoughts as well. The last comment in that section is also a keeper.
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    Now, I am just waiting for the time when memories/learned behaviors have been digitized, and an interface is designed to transfer that information into/out of someone's mind.

    When that occurs, you can simply "download" and/or "upload" knowledge.

    I wonder if this is seen during my lifetime?
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    LOL. Yeah, basically how they do it in the matrix, but hopefully, in a less invasive manner (the probe into the brain, I could do without).
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    Everyone wants the good stuff, but no one wants to pay the price. :wink:
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    The day will probably come when people are born with degrees, cell-phone numbers, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. I hope it's at least 70 years away, as I plan to be dead then. My timeline is to "go" when I turn 140 - and am finally even with the Federal Government. :smile:


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