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Discussion in 'High School Education via Distance Learning' started by Kizmet, Feb 18, 2020.

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  3. SteveFoerster

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    Thanks to COVID-19, a whole lot of parents are finding out that the teacher wasn't the problem after all.
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  4. Vonnegut

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    Loved the Zoom meetings last week, filled with kindergartners... I'd make a highlights reel if I could! Dinosaurs and Spaceships are acceptable answers to every question.
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  5. LearningAddict

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    In response to the situation, I've seen a big uptick in commercials for online high school and pre-high school programs. One program, Connections Academy, seems to be on an awful lot.
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    Strike while the zone is hot, I suppose.
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    There are a lot of startup online schools taking advantage of this... I think someone started a thread in regards to Axact Universities (unaccredited schools from Pakistan) are taking advantage of this, those Axact boogers know when to strike!

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