$150 Gen Eds at Olivet Nazarene University

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Dustin, Mar 5, 2022.

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    This is HUGE. Yay Dustin, for finding this one! Now this is accessibility!
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  3. Rachel83az

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    More appropriately, the YourWay classes don't use textbooks. They're closer to how Sophia works. Also, you don't have to pay anything until AFTER you pass a class.
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  4. Acolyte

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    Very good find - I was actually looking into this college a little while back - not crazy about their overall affiliations and past controversies, but they seemed like a good value for an RA education.
  5. Johann

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    deleted -J
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  6. Johann

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    Exactly. I dislike parts of their stated outlook intensely - same as I do with St.-Liberty-of-the-Falwells. But both appear to be decent schools, academically. As long as there were no "belief" statements to be signed or adherence to any creed or conduct etc. for distance students, I'd swallow my pride for $50 credits, if I really needed them. Maybe I shouldn't - but if I were desperate - I probably would.

    You can't like everybody you have to deal with, in life, I guess. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. I think this is one of those times. I realize, many other people would not agree with me. Some would not deal with them under any circumstances - others would willingly go along, no problems. So be it. Each to his/her own.
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  7. Courcelles

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    And a few credits are an entirely different matter than a degree on your wall.
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  8. Acolyte

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    It's funny that I don't have the same prejudices against Catholic institutions. :) But I would never, never in a million years attend Liberty or Regent. I couldn't stomach it. And I admit that I look at people with those credentials through a different lens. I think with smaller "religiously affiliated" schools, my feelings aren't as strong - in fact my Masters came from one of those small, "Christian" schools. I don't think it's the religious aspect of any of it - it's the political aspects. I don't see small Christian colleges (whether I agree with their stances or not) as essentially "political" institutions - where I totally feel like Liberty and Regent are political indoctrination centers behind the front of being academic institutions. I freely admit that this is my own bias, but it's based in my revulsion for the founders of those institutions and I'm okay with that. :-D
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  9. chrisjm18

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    I'd like to make two quick points:
    1. I was not required to sign any doctrinal statement or adhere to any unique code of conduct that is not typical of a student at a higher education institution
    2. My views remain as liberal, if not more liberal than they were when I started Liberty University in 2018

    Oh... Like I have always said, there are approximately 5,000 higher education institutions in the U.S. Liberty, like the thousands of other schools, is not for everyone!

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