14 PhD applicants expelled

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    Dear old India is rife with academic scandals.

    One that I heard of during my travels was where students attended the exam hall and undertook their exam, then went back to the agent's office through whom they had originally enrolled for their degree (distance learning, in this case) and redid the exam paper, which the agent then passed onto the examiner, who had been suitably bribed!

    I was told that this happened because the 'the students were busy working people and had little time to study for exams!'

    Ph.D.'s were a lot simplier- they paid someone to do their thesis! Less travel to and from offices!
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    Oh, and I should have mentioned that these are fully accredited universities; very well known!
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    Actually, the Indian states of Bihar and UP are particularly notorious for corruption in education (and other areas as well). I believe one or possible both states have witnessed student demonstrations for the right to cheat on exams!



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