12-year-old prodigy already taking 2 college degrees

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  1. Messdiener

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    A 12-year-old boy in Singapore has been featured on local media for taking two bachelor’s degrees in separate institutions at the same time.

    Nathanael Koh, who started primary school at age 3, is now a first-year math student at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, and a final-year music composition student at the Australian Guild of Music Education (AGME). He is homeschooled in both programs.

    Since he began studying, Nathanael has cleared three to four academic years in just one. At this rate, he managed to start university at age 11.

    More at: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/12-old-math-music-prodigy-200702113.html
  2. Maniac Craniac

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    I could have done the same if I wasn't so busy mapping the human genome, writing 5 symphonies, inventing artificial intelligence and challenging for the chess world championship at that age :cool:
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  3. Johann

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    Yes. I remember reading, years ago .... so you were THAT kid! Say, whatever happened to those symphonies? I was waiting to hear them!

    There wasn't much talk of artificial intelligence yet, 'way back when I was a kid -- I did, however, invent artificial stupidity. I did a pretty good job. My parents and teachers were convinced it was real! I never told them. They couldn't handle the truth. :)
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  4. Mac Juli

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    Maybe you did, but this guy took it to an art form:
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  5. Johann

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    Oh yeah - I just Googled it. Now I remember. You sold some of the rights cheap, to a down-and-out Brit band that could only get gigs in Hamburg at the time. Called themselves the Beatles, I think. They did pretty well with your stuff - "Eleanor Rigby," "Let it Be," "She Loves You" etc.

    I remember now -- the rest of your work went to some other guy - "Reg," I think his name was. Good piano player, IIRC. Called himself "Elton" something-or-other. He's still around. That stuff you wrote as a kid was pretty darn good, Maniac. You should have stuck with it! :)
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  6. Messdiener

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    All kidding aside, the article linked above went on to say that this Singaporean lad is doing both of his degrees (the one from Australia and the other from New Zealand) from the comfort of his home.

    Sounds like the perfect DI student!
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  7. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Yes - he'd do well in on of our "all-you-can-eat"programs. I'll bet he could finish off a WGU degree in a month! :) (And no -I'm NOT saying WGU is "easy.")
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  8. AsianStew

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    Hmm, interesting, so many smart, young people I know are introverts, he acknowledges that fact and would even like to improve on his social skills. Great kid! Hope he keeps up the good work with his hobbies and studies...

    “I’m usually not a people person. I don’t have enough opportunities to be in a social setting,” Nathanael explains. “And so if anybody wants to help me improve my social skills, I would gladly accept that.”
  9. sideman

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    Talk about the correlation between math and music, this is an extreme example. So parents-----If you want your kid to do better at math, encourage them to learn an instrument. It sure can't hurt. And no, it doesn't have to be the violin exclusively.
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