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  1. Johann

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    "This here music valuin' beats th' tar outa our last job, doin' object-oriented programmin' all day, don't it, Zeke!"

    "It sure do, Clem! An' th' money is jest amazin,' 'specially t'a pore fella frum th'Hills, like me. Glad we took that EdX course! :)
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  2. nosborne48

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    Hm. Well, stock pickers make the same claims yet a random dartboard beats them in the long run.
  3. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    That's proverbial - i.e. not always true. And all throws at the dartboard aren't the same, either. Some people, like the legendary Warren Buffett, really know what they are doing. And yes - a lot of false claims and charlatans.

    Some who make better than dartboard choices here, including Warren - an' excludin' Clem 'n Zeke:

    I see Benjamin Graham is listed. Justifiably so. Warren Buffett studied investment under Benjamin Graham. From Investopedia:

    "Buffett studied under the legendary value investor Benjamin Graham while pursuing a business degree at Columbia University (Harvard had rejected him). Buffett teamed with Charlie Munger to buy the ailing Berkshire Hathaway textile company, later to be used as a vehicle to acquire other businesses and make investments..."
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