100% Online Uni's in Australia?

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  1. What are some good accredited online universities in Australia? :eek:

    The reason for asking is, I am leaving Australia to go to South Korea in 2 months time. I would like to begin and complete an online Australian BA while in Korea. Simply because Korea does not accept their own degrees from foreigners who want to teach English (Only Koreans can teach English using Korean degrees).

    Also, I would have to complete 100% of the course online. Is that possible?
    I have not been to university before. So, I have very little knowledge about university at the moment. (I really wonder about the cost also)

    If I have given any false information relating to Korean degrees, etc, please let me know. =) I would love to go to university in Korea, but from what i've read, I can't use a Korean degree alone to teach English :(. Any help to achieve my goal will be much appreciated. :) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :D
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    In Australia, there isn't really accredited or not, as long as it is state universities it should be fine. I won't recommend the Group of 8 as they ARE expensive. Most of the rest do offer online degrees, even PhDs can be done via distance education. Choose the university that interest you, give them a call to verify what you want.
  4. Thanks for the info ^_^ it was really helpful.

    Also, I have completed 12 years of education. But I never qualified for the QCS test, so I never got my OP. I completed a school based traineeship and received a cert II & III in business administration. Which ment I had to drop 2 subjects while attending year 11 & 12.

    Will this greatly affect my online uni choices? Do all degrees need a QCS test score?

    Are their any other requirements that every online student needs to fulfill?
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  6. Open university sounds good.. I've sent them an email. ^^

    Does anyone know why it is illegal to teach English in Korea without a native English speaking countries degree? South Korea welcomes foreign students, and encourages them to apply.

    But the problem is:
    Native Korean with esl & Korean degree~ legal to teach English
    Native English foreigner with Korean degree~ illegal to teach English

    It doesn't seem practical to me.. =s
  7. Very odd isn't it?
  8. Very much so.
    Majority of websites simply say you need a degree. Not stating that it has to be from 1 of 7 native English countries.

    Even more strange, A native Korean teacher recently called the education department for me. He asked if is it legal for me to teach with a Korean degree, and the department basically said it's complicated, but yes I can. I think the rules maybe changing..

    Still i'll keep my options open..
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