10 Tech Certifications That Pay Well according to Global Knowledge.

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    GCP Cloud Architect $152,129
    CISM $132,919
    Certified ScrumMaster $132,903
    AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate $130,883
    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate $130,610
    AWS Certified Developer - Associate $130,272
    Project Management Professional $129,457
    CRISC $128,556
    CCE-V $125,870
    CISSP $123,815

    Not sure if this is a type of marketing for cert providers, advice for job candidates or both?
    But its interesting info for persons who are planning to get certified.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Wow! Google Cloud makes that much? In the list, I have only CISSP...and I make about $138. But it is the bottom 10? I am not sure the GIAC GSE and Cisco CCIE falls under? These are the most difficult certifications to obtain.
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    Hi Harry - what can you tell us about Invertis?
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    There are much fewer people who are going to have the most difficult expert-level certifications: GSE, CCIE, OSCE, etc.) , so the sample size may be too small to include these. (Also, the people having those certs often are cross-certified into other areas.)

    These certifications are intended for well-paying tech roles: cloud, virtualization, information security, and management.

    In my opinion, a salary should be viewed under additional context: role, company, location, industry, etc.

    A few links:

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    ^Note: this article has a poorly-formatted two-page list.

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    It's less to do with the certification and more to do with what folks are doing who hold the certification. The correlation is sketchy at best.
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    Too bad I'm not into computers and tech, those numbers look real nice. Just, not nice enough for me to give up doing what I love :emoji_blush:
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    From what I've seen, that's certainly true with PMP. You need ~ 3 years of full time experience in Project Management in order to be eligible, which isn't something they just hire people off the street for to begin with- not even streetwalkers with degrees. Part of the high salary for a PMP comes from the impressive resume you need to build up before you can even take the exam.

    Not to say it doesn't help, just that it's not an automatic switch that leads to piles and piles of cash.

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