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  1. BlueMason

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    I have been going back and forth on a number interests to make a career switch - going from CS / Software Engineering to Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics, to Law and even Medicine (yep, all over the place).

    (I have a BS in Computer Networking and a Masters in Computer Forensics - sadly my forensic skillset has virtually no use in the geographic region I am located and I am not in a position to relocate.)

    My goal is to work for myself - hey, I'm in a rat race so I might as well be in it for me (yes, I know, I'll still be a rat at the end) rather than someone else.

    So I looked for some sites to see if one could help narrow it down for me - and actually found one that is quite decent:

    Personality test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology

    Jung Typology Test. I did it - and I have to say it is pretty bang on. I had my wife review the results and she agreed that it pegged me rather well.

    On top of the personality traits, it also gave me the best career choices for folks as myself (INTJ) and what came out as #1? CS / SE. So, back to my previous posts, I'm looking at some SE certs to start moving into the new direction.

    Take the test - and see how it pegs you!
  2. Jan

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    Although the Myers Briggs is a viable personality indicator that provides generalities regarding different typologies, it should not be used in a vacuum to determine career/educational possibilities. We are all complex, individual and unique and cannot be pegged by assessment instruments such as the Myers Briggs. One's values, personality characteristics, interests, aptitudes, abilities, internal barriers and a multitude of other factors need to be considered prior to making any career/educational choices or changes.
  3. Koolcypher

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    Thanks for the link. I did it and my type is: INFP, it is spot on. I'm going through a similar situation as I ponder what to do for my next phase in life. I'm 42 and have done quite a bit of soul searching. Two years ago I quit my corporate job and became self-employed. I had a great career, traveled and lived in various places around the world, made good money, and yet I always had an empty feeling. A feeling that there is more to life than just work, get a mortgage, pay bills so for and so on.

    I now make almost a third of what I used to make, we sold our home and downsized to a smaller house, sold our expensive cars and bought cheaper vehicles, waaaaaaay cheaper. I went back to school (I actually switched schools. I was attending Michigan State University) to obtain a reading degree and become a teacher. Who would have thought that I would be a lot happier with less, a foreign concept to most people; back to the test, according to it my career choices are: Social workers, psychologists, life coaches, addiction rehab counselors, mental and community care staff, children education, teaching, and also creative script writing are just some of the examples of suitable occupations for INFPs.

    Again, thanks for posting the link and good luck to you. :wavey:
  4. Jan

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    One of the major problems with this typology indicator is that it does not take into account that if an individual does not fit into a particular typology does not mean that they will not be successful in the fields of work associated with that typology. As mentioned, this is a personality typology indicator, NOT a definitive indicator of who you are and in what direction you should seek out in terms of career and educational goal planning.
  5. Jan

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    Also keep in mind that the results of this personality indicator may not be consistent, whereby if under stress, or going through a life transition can result in a different typology profile.
  6. BusinessManIT

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    Being a Millionaire Did Not Work Out

    My test result was INTJ. I was a computer programmer analyst, so that fits.

    I did my own "personality test" when I just finished high school, and determined that the best career for me was to be a millionaire. At that point, I checked my bank accounts and saw that wasn't going to happen. So I had to go and work for a living. :pat:
  7. Lagu88

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    Personality test and etc. I thought is for a form of guaging only, serve as a form of guidelines. For instant, 2 years back I may be very pro for a certain party, but 2 years later after many issues tat make it ver disadvantaged, i am now very sick of tat party. Imagine i take some test asking me are you happy with your country or life 2 years before, after 2 years my opinion on same question changed. Life changes a lot over time.

    Hence, i feel these test are good guidelines. The evidences and reason for the change can be important to analyse also.
  8. Jan

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    Lagu88, you are on the right track.

    All assessment instruments are not intended to be definitive indicators of the educational/career direction and pathways we should take but serve to better understand our strengths and limitations to consider in planning our future educational/career goals. What these assessment tools can't assess is the level of motivation, tenacity and desire to attain our objectives in spite of limitations measured by these tests.

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