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  1. cbringas

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    I would like your opinion about my situation with Troy University. This is what happened:

    I was interested in Troy's distance learning program in International Relations. I talked to a few professors letting them know that I lived in Canada. I sent in my application but somehow it seemed to get stalled for a while. Somebody was supposed to contact me but they never did. After some time, I email them again wondering what had happened. They tell me that my application has been passed on to another admissions person. This new person tells me that I am not a U.S. citizen and therefore I am not eligible to enroll in their distance learning IR program. I was surprised to hear this, and this is what I wrote to them:

    "Hello xxxx

    I received an email a while back from one of the instructors in this program telling me there were some students from Canada taking this program. I
    had also contacted Dr. xxxxx, who knew that I was interested in taking the distance learning MSIR program from Canada. I believe he is from Canada as well, and we even talked (over the phone) about the program during one of his visits to Canada. Furthermore, in my application there is clear indication of my country of residence.

    In any case I don't want to cause too much trouble. However, not admitting non U.S applicants to an online program seems odd, and I believe, defeats the purpose of distance learning. Fortunately there are other alternatives.

    Thanks for looking at my file"

    After this, they tell me that my application had been accepted and that I have to pay the application fee and submit my transcript!

    well, I hope I didn't bore you with this long story. I just wanted to know what you all thought of this situation.

  2. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    I have no explanation for why you were initially declined but I think you did the right thing by writing them back and pointing out what should have been obvious to them. Troy U is a fine school, IMO. If you have your heart set on Troy, I say go for it.
  3. obecve

    obecve New Member

    Troy is a fine school

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Good luck to you! Troy University is a great school, that was why I chose for my undergraduate degree.
  5. AUTiger00

    AUTiger00 New Member

    Good state university. They have done a lot to increase their reputation in the past 10-15 years.
  6. cbringas

    cbringas New Member

    First of all, thank you for your comments. I will certainly consider them when I have to make my final decision. Now another question: do any of you know anybody on this forum who's enrolled in the MSIR program at Troy?

  7. Jupiter Jones

    Jupiter Jones New Member

    I got my BS from Troy. It's a fine, solid school with a good rep for legitimacy and lots of experience delivering classes online. Great football team too! :D

    But there were many occassions where I had to wade through red tape, or get transferred to a dozen different people on the phone to find the one who knew anything, or just generally ride their butt to get something or another done/confirmed/paid. I suppose this is the case with any large state university, especially one with so many satellite campuses and offices.

    Consider it part of your training--the ability to navigate a twisty bureaucracy is a useful skill to cultivate!

  8. lwolverton

    lwolverton New Member

    I am glad that you are now a Troy Universtiy eCampus student! Have you registered for Term 1 as of yet? Go Trojans!
  9. cbringas

    cbringas New Member

    I haven't registered yet. To tell you the truth, I'm getting a little bit annoyed by the admissions procedure. They told me to submit a new application, so I did. Then I emailed them to make sure everything was fine, no response. I had another question regarding how many courses I could take per year as a minimum. They told me to contact another person, so I did, and I still haven't received any answer. Since I'm interested in International Relations, I am also looking at the programs offered at Staffordshire University (UK), which seem really interesting and it would cost me half of Troy's tuition. So, all I can say is that I'm keeping my options open and waiting to see what happens. Perhaps Troy's courses are fine once you get through all the bureaucracy.
  10. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    You could have been describing my local Community College - I have yet to get through the bureaucracy in three tries in three years.
    Yet I enrolled in another Community College in an adjacent county and it took all of ten minutes.
    (admittedly I'm just enrolling in individual courses and not a degree program.)
    I think it all depends on how well a college set up and manages its DL programs.
  11. cbringas

    cbringas New Member

    are you enrolled in one of Troy's programs?
  12. lawrenceq

    lawrenceq Member

    I've heard a lot of great things about Troy. I worked with a guy that played football at Troy in the late 90's and he always talked about his school.

    He told me a story about Demarcus Ware coming to Troy as a thin freshman and leaving a beast.
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  13. Worldbound

    Worldbound New Member

    I say go for it. I’ve been to the main campus many times and know a handful of students who are attending Troy. My younger brother will be attending the university in the spring. This is a legit university with qualified professors.
  14. CargoJon

    CargoJon New Member

    DW would be attending Troy right now were it not for the idiot enrollment counselor that she had the misfortune to get assigned to.

    I can't remember the ridiculous list of things the guy wanted from her, but I remember specifically he wanted a copy of her high school transcript. This as a 40+ credit transfer student. It's easy to get college transcripts, but not so much high school transcripts from 20 years ago....
  15. lawrenceq

    lawrenceq Member

    Roger Williams University applied 90 of my credits to my degree plan and still made me send in high school transcripts. I guess some school want them no matter how many hours you have.

    I went over to the records office and the rep had to dig though boxes of folders to find my file.
  16. CargoJon

    CargoJon New Member

    We live 2 hours away from where she went to high school. If she would have had to wait for them to mail her something she'd still be waiting, and this was a year ago. :D

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