Your input re:online B.A., if you'd be so kind??

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by KC Sunshine, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. KC Sunshine

    KC Sunshine New Member

    Hi all, new to degreeinfo, and I'd really appreciate any helpful input you would be kind enough to offer!
    I'm looking for recommendations on good schools that will help me to convert my 20 years of work/business experience into as much college credit as possible. My overarching goal here, frankly, is to get a BA as quickly as possible; preferably in Business Admin. Zero college credits under my belt thus far, but I do have business experience, having led, managed and even launched multi-million dollar businesses.
    Thank you to anyone who responds!
  2. emmzee

    emmzee New Member

    Earlier today I posted about Thompson Rivers University in Canada, you may want to check out their programs, they offer a huge range of business degrees online:

    As I state in that post, I have no connection to TRU, I just happened to see an ad for them and thought the forum might be interested since I didn't recall ever hearing them mentioned here.

    I'm suggesting TRU because of their PLAR program which awards credit based on relevant prior learning (aka "life experience") ... and yes, it is a fully accredited Canadian university.
    Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning, Distance and Online Education, British Columbia, Canada

    I don't know how many credits towards the 120-credit degree they'd be willing to give, but 20 years of experience and multi-million dollar businesses must count for something! :)

    Oh, also, you may want to explain why you want a BA, as that may help people respond with appropriate options for your situation. (Ex, the best option for someone who wants it for personal satisfaction will likely be different than for someone who needs it for career advancement to check off the "has degree" column)
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  3. KC Sunshine

    KC Sunshine New Member

    emmzee- thank you so much for the info and thoughts, much appreciated! I will check out TRU right away, thank you.
    And the BA is, as you put it, to check off the "has degree" column, in order to open up other opportunities.
    thanks again!

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