Your Favorite Dodgy Resume?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by galizur, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Randell, you beat this guy! He has 3 Bachelors degrees that are probably made from the same credits. He brought the credits from one school to another to get more degrees so there is nothing amazing here. The dozen AAs are probably made from the same credits.

    The only degrees that are worth something are the BA in Business and BS in Criminal justice, MBA and graduate certificates. The rest are just junk.

    Randell has several masters degrees (3 or 4?) a PhD, and a BS. More impressive than a dozen of Associate degrees from related fields.

    Randell still has my favorite dodgy resume around here.

    I know few people that beat Randell with several masters and two doctorates from B&M school but don't hang out in this forum.

    One the most impressive academic resumes come from prof Armand St pierre that teaches at Athabasca - Armand St. Pierre, PhD

    2 PhDs (Nova and McGill), MBA, 2 BScs and two accounting designations.

    Sorry Randell but this guy beats you.

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