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  1. Peter French

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    The university will remain unidentified as we don't need to or want to, rock the boat, but consider this ...

    1. No undergraduate degree in education

    2. Australian professional membership in an unrelated field

    3. Masters degree while in UK [early 1990's] with entry based on professional qualifications and experience in Australia

    4. Gains entry to a coursework masters [MEd] through experience and holding another [unrelated] masters degree

    5. After 'negotiations' elevates MEd to MEd[Hon] making it a research degree

    6. After further heavy and prolonged 'promptings' and 'negotiations' MEd[Hon] 50K thesis at chapter 2 stage is elevated to a PhD admittedly requiring a minimum of 70K [max 100K]

    So in summary, a person gets into a highly reputable Australian research PhD without a bachelor degree of any kind, or a masters degree in the field or a related field.

    Stated entry to a PhD [check the rules] is via a research masters [67% research being 30K words and up] or a honours bachelors [being a bachelors plus a research year with a 18-22K thesis]

    No it isn't me although i don't have an undergraduate bachelors, just a post graduate bachelors ... education is weird isn't it, and maybe that is why the mottley crew we comprise, band together.
  2. Dr Bernard Leeman

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    I think a world famous primate specialist never did a first degree but went straight to a PhD because Dr Louis Leakey recommended her.
  3. Peter French

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    Monkeys and Marx

  4. Mike Albrecht

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    Hey Marx was big in education, I have always thought his "You Bet Your Life" show was very educational. And didn't he do a movie were he played a professor also?;) :p :rolleyes:

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