You all are welcome to India to put an end to famous degree mill group

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  1. asakazad

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    I received the following email AUTOMATICALLY and it lead me to the following URL:

    Their accreditation page ( ) tells only about Europe and India. No mention about Liberia.

    The Jame Monroe University of Liberia had flown to east and west from Liberia and reached Seborga and India with the new name James Monroe International University.

    Atleast European CAMPUS (!?) has one POST BOX???. What about in India??? Didn't they get the Post Box too???

    Their Indian Partners also can help. Right??? They have many people in India and all of their partners in India will definitely be called for a Interview(?!).

    I request all the good hearts in this forum, especially our Galanga, Carl, Gollin to come to India on July Second or Third week to put a permanent end for St Regis groups fake operations through Indian Court of Law.

    Sent: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 01:25:53 -0700 (PDT)
    From: JM!U <[email protected]>
    Subject: Congratulations on passing................

    You Have Successfully Passed Your Online Exam.....

    Now its time to finish the process and get your degree.

    This offer has been sent to you due to your participation in our online exams:

    Describe yourself in terms you feel are most important in this assessment:

    Have you had your IQ tested. If so what is your score?

    Are you a Member of MENSA or other high IQ society?

    Do family members, friends and/or coworkers often come to you for advice?
    If yes, give some examples

    Do people with college degrees and professionals often come to you for advice?
    If yes, give some examples

    Do most people think of you as a good problem-solver?

    Do you commonly seek the advice of people who are older and more experienced than you?

    Do your conversations discuss ideas more than events or people?

    Do you believe in organizing your tasks before getting started?

    PLUS an assessment of your entire academic and career experiential learning!

    Now you qualify for even more degrees than you may think

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  2. asakazad

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    Dear Friends,

    Please send me the letters regarding the St Regis group and what do you think about them and their owners through E-mail/Postal mail to my email ID. This will help in exposing their real faces in front of the Indian Media and Court of Law.

  3. uncle janko

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    Jawellnofine. Mr Azad, what have you done on the opublic record to demonstrate any believability. You appear to have had a tiff over tiffin with the St Regis people, but that's as far as it seems to go.

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