Yorktown University now unaccredited

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    Kona University (formerly American Pacific University) and Perelandra College, which had also both been on Show Cause with the DETC, have also both lost its accreditation and are now unaccredited.
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    Damn! Their MA in Government was really cool. (So was their MBA in Entrepreneurship.) I wonder if they'll ever get re-accredited. Also, does anyone know what they did wrong to get unaccredited in the first place?
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    Here's one mention from their site:

    "This year the Obama Administration is pushing for new state regulations governing higher education in your state.

    If your state is controlled by a Democratic Party majority, you should be aware of impending legislation in your state that will kill Internet-delivered higher education.

    Colorado Republicans have not elected a Governor since 2008 and, even in the election of 2010--Republicans were able to gain a majority of only one vote in the Colorado House.

    Colorado, and all states controlled by Democrats, therefore, is following the education policies of the Obama Administration.

    One of those policies compels the “state authorization” of every institution with a presence in a state.

    If a University in Texas has an online program with students enrolled in Colorado, that institution must meet the authorization standards of the state of Colorado—even if it isn’t a Colorado corporation.

    This radical policy is designed to accomplish two goals—increase the costs of Internet-delivered degree programs and replace the current voluntary system of accreditation by a system controlled by the federal government through the states."
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    Yeah, except that if I remember correctly, that didn't actually happen.
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    Actually, it is happening.

    My wife and I live in Kansas, we have been taking classes from Morningside College as non-degree seeking students, we didn't apply for the masters out of laziness and when she applied she was told that the state of Kansas needs to approve the degree program from Morningside. We can take as many classes as we went as non-degree seeking even complete all the requirements for a degree but we won't be admitted to the degree program.

    Solution? used her dads address in a different state. Thanks Obama you are a genius!.
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    This today:

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    That is probably worthy of its own thread Jacob. It might open up options for people that thought they couldn't do certain programs.
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    Email from Yorktown about DETC loss

    Dear Nicholas,

    Yesterday, Yorktown University’s president submitted a letter to the Accrediting Commission for the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) informing them that Yorktown University is withdrawing from any current or future association with DETC as an accredited institution.

    Due to changes in higher education accreditation regulations, it is no longer possible for an Internet-based institution to attain regional accreditation. That may be attained only by classroom based institutions.

    This year, therefore, we obtained Florida state authorization to offer the MBA in Entrepreneurship and the MBA in Entrepreneurship and Sport Management programs from a campus in Gainesville, Florida. We will operate from the Gainesville campus with students enrolled online and in classrooms, with our primary emphasis on enrolling students for classroom instruction.

    When we have about 60 students enrolled in classrooms, we plan to make application for regional accreditation.

    Now, because we have chosen no longer to operate with DETC accreditation, we may no longer offer degree programs in Government from Colorado. We will offer a range of courses in the School of Government solely for self-improvement and you may visit the School of Government at Yorktown University

    Also we may no longer process Tuition Assistance for military personnel or accept Veterans benefits.

    The cost of DETC accreditation is substantial having cost us about $750,000 in regulatory charges that we incurred seeking that accreditation in 2006, attaining it in 2008 and sustaining that accreditation for the subsequent four years. That is part of the story of why a college education today is costly.

    Please contact me at [email protected] if you wish to proceed to enroll in Yorktown University’s MBA in Entrepreneurship programs or take course not for credit from the School of Government.


    Ron Teed
    Assistant Registrar
    Yorktown University
    4340 East Kentucky Ave.
    Suite 457
    Denver, CO 80246

    Yorktown University

    :disappointed: Sad I was calling to ask about the government program when I got the bad news. Wanted a different degree than the occasional Business, Criminal Justice, or IT one. Oh well.
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    So where would that leave online-only schools like TESC, Excelsior, and others who are already Regionally Accredited? Would they be allowed to maintain their accreditation status based on Grandfathering?

    Good info. 750K is more than I would've thought.

    But what is the official story? I thought the DETC stripped Yorktown, but the language here states that Yorktown left on their own accord. But if they did, I wonder why they'd do that before positioning themselves to gain other accreditation? Seems like a questionable call considering what going unaccredited does to your current students and past graduates in terms of perception.
  12. Neither of those schools are online only. TESC has a campus in New Jersey and Excelsior has a campus in New York. I believe NCU is still online only.
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    And this is why, if I can ever decide on a program, it will probably be from a non-American university.
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    I'm aware that both schools have a physical location, but unless they have physical classrooms where students sit in there and take classes, then they are online-only. But if you're telling me they do have physical classrooms then that's the first time I'm hearing about it.
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    That's astonishingly false.

    Ah, the real issue. Thing is, if they can't afford DETC, they sure as sunshine aren't going to be able to afford SACS.

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    Why? That is a propaganda quote from the business known as Yorktown University.
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    That's about it. I have known/know two school Presidents of DETC schools. The cost, and strictness of DETC is not any easy task, especially when the school comes up for renewal, and site visits are needed. GRUELING to say the least. If something is out of compliance, costs can quickly add up. This is the case with RA or NA.

    Damn Obama!!!!! :evil: j/k

    Abner :smile:
  18. I can't speak for Excelsior but I do know that TESC has actual and physical classrooms where students sit and take classes. Though I have never been there, several of my law school classmates were from New Jersey. When they realized that I had never lived in New Jersey they were pretty surprised to find out that TESC had such a "large" online presence.
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    But, being in Colorado, they needn't worry about affording SACS, they need to worry about affording NCA.
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    I looked at the current TESC website and found little evidence of classroom-based instruction. However, there is a nursing program that requires classroom attendance at the TESC campus in Trenton, and a certificate program that can be offered at the TESC campus, or onsite at locations with at least eight enrolled students.

    Couldn't find any classroom-based instruction at Excelsior. Excelsior does offer some ABET-accredited technology programs that require face-to-face labs, but apparently you take the labs somewhere else.
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