Yet Another Touro / NCU Question

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  1. defii

    defii New Member

    Greetings! It has been some time since I've posted to the forum. However, I have been following a few threads on Touro and NCU, hoping to get a sense of direction on a Ph.D. program. Please allow me a moment to share my interests, and I would really welcome your comments and recommendations.

    I am interested in a Ph.D. that focuses on organizational theory and/or organizational change. Generally, one can find programs in schools of business or schools of public administration.

    That said, the only DL Ph.D. programs that seem to offer some semblance of what I'm seeking is Touro's doctorate in Business Administration or NCU's doctorate in Business Administration.

    One caveat: I am interested in using my degree to enhance consulting work I do for public and private organizations. However, I would hope to do some part time college teaching.

    Given what you know of these two schools, I am correct in assuming that for teaching purposes I'm likely to fare better with Touro's degree? Are there other DL programs I should consider that require no residency, allow payments on a per credit basis and is regionally accredited?

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Andy Borchers

    Andy Borchers New Member

    I, as usual, will encourage you to check out Nova Southeastern's DBA program. They have an HR track that may be close to what you're after.

    Regards - Andy

  3. defii

    defii New Member

    Re: Re: Yet Another Touro / NCU Question

    Thank you for your thoughts, Andy. I did a cursory look at NSU's site. It appears that even the DL programs are very location-centered. Inasmuch as I live in California, traveling back and forth to the East Coast is not a real option for me.

    I was also curious as to why in the few "online" programs I did notice they offer "private loans" for students. If Touro and NCU, full DL schools, offer loans under Title IV for their students, I found it curious that NSU didn't offer that as an option.

    Any further insight?
  4. Andy Borchers

    Andy Borchers New Member

    Re: Re: Re: Yet Another Touro / NCU Question

    Two answers:

    1. NSU operates a cluster site in LA that you can take many of your courses at for the DBA. Yes, you'll have to come to campus for specialty courses - but then there is a lot to say for short residencies.

    2. As for loans, check the main Nova site ( For grad students they support:

    Federal Stafford Loans
    Federal Perkins Loans
    Alternative/Private Loans
    Florida Teacher EdLoan Program

    Regards - Andy

  5. Eli

    Eli New Member


    I'm not really sure that the Touro PhD is right for you. First, it is likely too intense. You want to do consulting with maybe a bit of teaching. The TUI PhD is primarily a research publishing kind of program meant to train potential professors to publish in top journals, not one for practitioners. Further, the TUI HR program is based very largely on the Cornell model, Cornell U having what is likely the finest HR school in the country. Four of the key HR people at Touro are Cornell PhDs. Second, to be really honest, you probably won't get in to the Touro program. Right now they are accepting applications, but only a really really tiny percentage of those who apply actually get in. I don't know the numbers, but I hear that it is amazingly small. So given that you don't fit with the hard core research approach, you are probably better off with a practitioners degree, i.e., a DBA. As a TUI PhD myself, I recommend you think about Northcentral University.

    Touro University International
  6. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Havr you looked at NCU's PhD in Psychology? It offers a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The down side is, they may not accept any credits from your grad degrees toward the PhD. I considered this program but was told I would need to earn all 81 credits because none of my TUI credits would transfer into the Psychology program.
  7. defii

    defii New Member

    Re: Re: Yet Another Touro / NCU Question

    Eli, thank you for this very frank response. As an aside, in what subject did you earn your Touro Ph.D.? Are you a full-time academic?

    When you speak of the intensity of the Touro Ph.D., to what are you referring? Difficulty? Rigor? Time?

    From a consulting standpoint, it appears that the NCU Ph.D. will do just fine. What are the prospects for adjunct teaching though?

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  8. defii

    defii New Member

    Randell, in which NCU doctoral program have you enrolled? How long have you been in the program? How do you find:

    1. The mode of instruction (textbook vs Touro's CDs)?
    2.The interaction with your professors?

    Do you have any teaching interests? If so, have you explored the utility of an NCU Ph.D. for said purpose? Thanks.

  9. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Re: Re: Yet Another Touro / NCU Question

    1. The mode of instruction (textbook vs Touro's CDs)?
    I prefer text books. The CD's were good because they were included with the course, but looking back I would rather have paid for a book.

    2.The interaction with your professors?
  10. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    Take a look at the NCU PhD in education program.

    They offer a specialization in organizational leadership (OL) that is more of a generalist degree than an education degree. When I inquired about the OL specialization, they informed me that I could substitute business courses for the fundamental education courses since I don't work in an education field. To get the specialization you would, of course, still have to complete six OL specialization courses.

    Here is the write up from the NCU web site:

    "Organizational Leadership (OL) appeals to Learners who are focused on developing the competencies required of organizational leaders. The strategically crafted courses serve to enhance Learner’s commitment to the understanding and practice of leadership. Grounded in research, facilitated by leadership practitioner faculty and customized for maximum professional impact, the NCU Leadership course of study is appealing to Learners who currently serve as or want to become collaborative change agents within their organization.

    This specialization has broad appeal among educators whose professional goal may be organizational consulting or a generalist leadership position in corporate, government, not-for-profit, educational or community organizations."
  11. simon

    simon New Member

    One can do the same with an Ed.D from Northcentral with the benefit of not having to orally defend the comprehensive exam or the project based dissertation. Preparing for an oral defense can take alot of time and not having to do so is a major factor to consider.

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