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    They seem to do everything, sell everything, teach everything. British Level 4-7 diplomas, an association with Anglia Ruskin (how many of these does that UNI have?), top-up degrees after your British level-whatever diploma, PhDs through Wesleyan University in the Philippines. They say where the programs are available - list is all India & Far East - Hong Kong. Philippines, Mainland China ... yes, they have investments in Blockchain, Crypto etc etc. And a holding co. for all the Tech investments, incorporated in Puerto Rico. They get around! They got their Educause domain, .edu, in 2003. That means they would have required accreditation. I don't know what kind they have.

    No, thanks. Doesn't look like they're after us, here in the West anyway. Website looks like early 1990s.

    Note: Anglia Ruskin has, over the years had many associations with overseas universities and also British B-schools that can't award degrees. You finish their diploma and that gives you advanced standing at the Uni for top-up programs. Frequent changes on that list. On and off. The info from the Wyith site may or may not be years old. They may not have this association any more. Check with Anglia Ruskin - or not, as you choose.
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    Thanks! I was checking them out as part of an alt coin investigation.
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    "Git th' rope, Jon." :)

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