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    Depends on how you learn. Some people learn better with a structured plan, while others learn better by just reading a book on its own. And of course, in a structured class you have an instructor you can contact and provide some guidance when needed, whereas with just a book there is no such benefit.
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    If I see someone with an MBA AT ALL I'm already impressed. I mean, as long as it's not from some bullshit college degree mill. I'm currently starting my courses with WEU and I think it's really cool I can get an Associates degree from them. So far, the material is less than I like, but it's doable.
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    What drew you to WEU? And when you say the material is less than you like, what do you think they could do to improve it?
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    I have found World Education University incidentally and I'm interested in enrolling in it, to get the Global Associate of Arts Degree.

    The problem is that I sent a message to the University two months ago and I haven't received any answer until today.

    When I try to login at this page (World Education University: Login to the site), the system says every time: ''Invalid login, please try again'', although I've got my cookies enabled in my browser.

    Is there anybody who could help me??
    Am I doing anything wrong??

    Thank you in advance.
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    Wow. I can't believe we're going on 2 years and I still haven't even tried this out. I was so curious, so excited, and have since almost completely forgotten about WEU. Maybe one day...

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