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  1. AdamJLaw

    AdamJLaw New Member

    It is obvious that English courses take much longer to teach due to grading all those papers. So, what subjects are faster to teach. Do accounting and finance courses generally take less time?
  2. douje

    douje New Member

    I teach IT classes, grading does not take much of my time as compared to discussion boards. It all does get better with time/experience though. I remember when I first started (two years ago), I would look at a student's post with my head spinning as to how to respond with a substantive post that would help "move the discussion forward". This was especially so with introductory classes.
  3. kbchow

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    There are still some courses out there - possibly only at the non-profit traditional schools - where virtually no writing is required of students. Lots of multiple choice quizzes and exams, no discussion boards... those are the quick courses, but I don't think it's based on discipline.

    Distance learning statistics takes a lot of time even without papers :)

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