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    I'm an 40 year old former air force linguist who has squandered my youth and GI bill on distance learning institutions about 14 years ago. I have quite a bit of classes, accreditations, and work, military, and life experience that could apply to a good portion of the undergraduate classes. In the Past, I attended Strayer and Phoenix Online. I've finally come into some private financial aid to return me to school while working and I was wondering if anyone knows of any institutions in the Fredericksburg, VA (Where I live) or Northern Virginia (Where I mostly work) that have decent and acceptable distance or online programs that will help me achieve a BS in Computer Science. I work as Systems Engineer for an International Computer Firm. I have 10 yrs experience with them. I've already checked and have a few feelers out to the local institutions here like UMW, GMU, and JMU. UMW is all day classes with no evening, or online presence. I'm waiting to hear back from GMU an JMU. I thought about UMUC but my residency in Virginia has me worried. Maybe one or two of you have a few ideas for me.

    I was considering UofPhoenix online again but there is an annoying requirement to pay 2600 dollars for two initial classes before they will review your educational experience and apply it to the degree program and I'm not too hot about their specialized computer science degree programs. I think that amount is a bit steep to find out what past educational experience they will accept toward a degree.

    I'd appreciate any help.


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    Michael, if your looking for BS in computer science online or campus fitting professional schedule in Northern Virginia is no. Old Domion Unversity has classes at MCB Quantico, but not sure id they offer Computer Science. Most of the school require you to complete for at least one semester prior evaluating your transfer credits. The most accept credit for Computer program is Thomas Edison State College and Troy University. Other choice you have Oregon State, Regis, UoI Springfield, Florida State, DeVry, Colorado Technical College.

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