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    I must say, what an interesting forum you have here! Twas searching the net for a solution to my troubles and it seems that there might possibly be someone in here who could help me on my way(s).

    My intro story is full of the faults that you could teach your kids of to be wary about c:

    I have visited an international school in Germany up to the level of International Baccalaureate (which I failed twice, practically due to laziness), thus leaving me with the German school standard of "mittlere Reife" which is equivalent with Grade 10 (nb: not enough of a standard to study with at German universities).
    Thereafter, my father sent me to a boarding school in Switzerland where I finished my schooling with an American High School Diploma within a years time.
    Since I wasn't sure about what to start with my life, apart from that I wanted to study, I chose my favourite subject of history as a directive subject.
    The people of my boarding school were kind enough to give me some leads on universities as I was totally oblivious to the whole system.
    So it came about that I started studying International Relations & Diplomacy (major), and Management (minor) in Webster University Geneva. I had a terribly hard time at the beginning since I had only once written a research paper before - having been in the European/British school system before there had been nothing of the like. Nevertheless, I continued with my studies for a full 1.5 years till my GPA fell to 1.58 (this time, not necessarily due to me being lazy, but rather the opposite; I was writing papers for lazy people for cash to improve my social life). Well, that was rather stupid..
    I was kicked from the university, yet with the condition that if I were to achieve 12 credits at another institution, I would be let back in.
    This was approx. 2.5 years ago.
    In this time I was recuperating from my rather ridiculous mental issue of anorexia (which I still don't take very seriously), and practically doing nothing (terribly, terribly stupid).
    I just turned 28 years old and feel ready to continue my studies (those 12 credits) however I am having an exceptionally hard time finding a European university that will take me in!
    Germany is out of the question due to their regulations.
    I have found a university in the Netherlands (Leiden) which accepts Contract Students, where I might possibly be allowed to study, but I haven't fully clarified this yet.
    Other European country's universities have similar obstructions for access to higher studies. And I absolutely want to study and achieve a decent job (in the field of diplomacy), not for the pay, but rather for the knowledge which I could gain from being at a higher level.

    Took me long enough to reach this attitude!

    Now, might you guys perchance have any ideas of (European) universities that would accept a person in my position...?
    - recap: Uni. GPA at 1.58, American High School Diploma, German "mittlere Reife".

    Thanks for your time.

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