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    Woolf University has a few colleges or institutions they work in partnership with to grant degrees...
    Woolf is accredited in Malta, plus authorized or registered in 3 states and Switzerland.
    Here's a list of college partners they 'create' degrees with... https://woolf.university/academics/colleges

    Data Science Institute: https://dsi.woolf.education/
    MS Data Science Tuition (Pay in full): 4,950 Euro = 5,376.69 US Dollar
    MS Data Science Link: https://www.datascienceinstitute.net/masters-in-data-science

    Global Leaders Institute: https://gli.woolf.university/
    12-month MBA in Arts Innovation Tuition: $8,500 USD https://www.globalleadersinstitute.org/register/
    Global Leaders Institute WIKI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Leaders_Institute

    UpGrad EveryBody WIKI: https://en.everybodywiki.com/UpGrad
    UpGrad partner offerings with Woolf: https://upgrad.woolf.university/
    UpGrad MS Data Science (14 months) Tuition costs: 150,000 INR Indian Rupee = 1,813.50 US Dollar

    AlmaBetter Innovarsity: https://almabetter.woolf.university/
    Each Masters has a tuition of 180,000 INR Indian Rupee = 2,178 US Dollar
    MSCS AI & Data Science: https://www.almabetter.com/degrees/masters-in-computer-science-data-science-ai
    MSCS Software Engineering: https://www.almabetter.com/degrees/masters-in-computer-science-software-engineering
    News: https://www.prnewswire.com/in/news-releases/upskilling-startup-almabetter-partners-with-woolf-to-deliver-accredited-degrees-to-thousands-of-online-learners-301889750.html

    Exceed College has many programs and partners with UCAM for their DBA https://exeedcollege.com/
    Exceed College (example MBA concentrations with Woolf) https://exeed.woolf.university/
    Masters (14 months) Tuition costs: 28,000 AED Emirati Dirham = 7,621.60 US Dollar
    News: https://exeedcollege.com/news/exeed-college-teams-up-with-woolf-to-provide-world-class-education-to-aspiring-professionals/

    GoIT Neoversity: https://goit.woolf.university/
    Master Tuition costs: 200,000 UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia = 5,416 US Dollar
    MSCS Software Engineering: https://goit.woolf.university/degree/1edda0c6-c535-48f3-93a3-44d78ad81d8c
    News: https://itkey.media/ukraines-goit-now-offers-internationally-recognized-degrees-in-computer-science/

    Global Center for Advanced Studies - GCAS Woolf Link: https://gcas.woolf.university/
    GCAS Webpage & WIKI https://gcas.ie/ : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Center_for_Advanced_Studies
    GCAS provides inexpensive degrees, I would only recommend the extremely affordable doctorate offerings

    MA Degree Info
    Length: 1 Year
    Tuition Costs: 5,000€
    Requirements: 90 Credits, MA Thesis, Defense
    Prerequisites: BA Degree or higher

    MA in Philosophy (EU Accredited)
    MA in Theology (EU Accredited)
    MA in Politics (Accreditation Expected Sep 2023)
    MA in Psychoanalysis (EU Accredited)

    Ph.D. Degree Info
    Length: 3 Year
    Tuition Costs: 5,000€
    Requirements: 180 Credits, Courses, Dissertation, Defense
    Prerequisites: Masters Degree or higher

    Ph.D. Specializations Offered at GCAS:
    Philosophy & Psychoanalysis
    Critical Theory
    Social & Political Thought
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    According to their financial aid page, "GCAS College offers all students that we accept into degree programmes some form of financial assistance." They even go so far as to say that some students receive 50% or 100% off of their tuition.

    If you're interested in their particular degree programs, it may well be worth applying.
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    Since the MA had a study duration of 1 year and Costs 5000 I'd assume that the regular PhD fee is 5000 per year, not 5000 in total.
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  5. AsianStew

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    I used the apply to degree link from Woolf University instead and received two emails below from [email protected]:

    A message from AlmaBetter Innovarsity
    You are invited to apply for Master of Science in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Dear Student,

    You have been invited by AlmaBetter Innovarsity to apply for Master of Science in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    Click below to start your application.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the college support team at [email protected].

    A message from upGrad School of Management and Technology, UK
    You are invited to apply for Master of Science in Data Science

    Dear Student,

    You have been invited by upGrad School of Management and Technology, UK to apply for Master of Science in Data Science.
    Click below to start your application.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the college support team at [email protected].
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    I've applied to the MSCS program in AI & Data Science, and if the program offers strong educational content, then the $2200 cost is entirely worth it to me. The Master's degree in Computer Science is just lagniappe. I have zero background or formal education in computer science. However, I do hold a Master's degree or higher in psychology, business, nursing, and psychiatry.
  7. AsianStew

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    Great, at least we have a data point here for reference... I like guinea pigs, I just don't like being the only one... haha, I usually make sure 'it works' before I jump in
  8. Stanislav

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    One thing to clear up... Woolf is not defined by upGrad in any way. upGrad is one of 22 their "folleges" (franchises? customers?). In fact, Woolf's functions are to 1) make sure none of their colleges is a degree mill (hard to tell, but I don't see blatant mills in the list), and 2) submit paperwork to MFHEA and get programs on the official Malta-accredited list (demonstrably successful in that). So far, so good. The only question remaining is whether they can avoid slipping up and keep recognition for foreseeable future.

    That said, I was looking at this program:

    Master of Business Administration (woolf.university)

    It's from upGrad, and their plan is to get approval from ACCA so students can get 9 exemptions (out of 14) from ACCA exams, leading to recognized accounting designation. If they can do that, and teaching is good enough to pass Strategic Professional exams as well... For $3K, I see it as a very viable option for someone changing careers to accounting or finance fields (primarily not in the USA - I'm not sure there is a direct path from something like this to CPA designation. But in much of the world, CPA and ACCA are credentials on the same level). ACCA is one of 6 recognized accounting designations in UK, very popular worldwide. It is seemingly big in southeastern Asia, where upGrad presumably has expertise. Not bad, not bad at all. I actually passed the ACCA exams and completed University of London MS Professional Accountancy. This makes me an "Associate" ACCA member.

    ps. there is a PDF brochure of this program on upGrad website, but it is not linked from main page. Looks like they are not actively advertising it yet. In contrast, GoIT, a Ukrainian software developer training company with offices in other countries, actively promotes their Woolf MSCS program.
  9. Xspect

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    I have bowed out of the application process. They requested a copy of my ID and facial picture. I will continue to look for an affordable AI program that I can take without having a background in computer science that will meet my personal needs.
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    So what?
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    Columbia Southern requested a photo ID when I applied in 2013. That still seems to be mentioned in their documentation today. While not a universal proctor, I don’t see an issue.
  12. Xspect

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    I'm a little paranoid with all the AI scams that I recently read about in the news
  13. Xspect

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    Thanks for the feedback. I may reconsider the choice.
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  14. Dustin

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    To be fair, every school I've attended has needed a photo for their records (and to produce a student ID.) Your photo is probably stored in a dozen different local, state and national databases. More if you've had any contact with immigration, the justice system or the military.
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