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  1. austinator

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    I am planning on taking 1-2 classes from WNMU and 1-2 classes from Liberty (but no more than 3 total).
    A Liberty, I will be working toward a MA in Religion (Biblical Studies, New Testament concentration) and I am considering taking these classes
    OBST 591 - Old Testament Orientation I
    NBST 521 - New Testament Orientation I

    Former Liberty students, what were your thoughts on those classes?

    At WNMU, I am considering taking
    HIST 504 North American Relations Perspective (Manzanarez)
    HIST 580 The West in American Hist (Fritz)
    HIST 578 Topics:US Constitution/History (Warren-the class is full, but I have hope).
    Assuming that HIST 578 doesn't open up, what are former (and current) WNMU students thoughts on those classes and professors?
  2. StefanM

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  3. austinator

    austinator New Member

    I've been there and looked at them. I'm just curious to see what others on the board thought of the classes.
    Perhaps which class they liked better or a specific teacher that they liked?
  4. StefanM

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    From my experience with LU, the courses are generally pretty standardized. The biggest difference between professors comes with grading.

    Unfortunately, the instructors for classes at LU are generally assigned after you register, so it's difficult to choose a particular prof.
  5. BrianH

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    They were some of the first I took. OT is a little more difficult in my estimation because of the tests but that may be a lack of familiarity. Most Christians are probably better with the NT...:)
    They are fine. A good way to get a feel for Liberty. You have no idea who the prof is until you start the class. It only really matters for grading and possibly discussion board topics.

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