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  1. Ee

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  2. Same URL as the Wittfield University listed with Hawaii address in Bears' Guide. But now with Cambridge, England, address. The fancy address does, of course, give them that certain jeunesse croissant (inside joke).

    One Johan Potgieter is listed as a member of their International Board. No relation!
  3. John Bear

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    I note that Wittfield University is accredited by the GAAOTAICFAUCAS (Global Accreditation Association of the American International Council for Assessment Universities, Colleges and Schools), not to mention IAFUCAI (International Accreditation for Universities, Colleges and Institutes), to which I can only say, "Oh dear."
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    and it ONLY costs $2850.00 and you can use PAYPAL...

    (those guys will launder money for anybody!)

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