Will universities consider a top-up BBA degree (3rd year only) for MBA admission?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TheEternalLearner, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. TheEternalLearner

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    In the UK and France, you can be admitted to a 3rd year bachelor degree provided you have the aptitudes and extensive professional experience. This what I have done and was able to achieve top marks in my 3rd year Bachelor of Business Administration from a top ranked French Business School (AMBA + EQUIS accredited). Now, I would like to apply for a North-American MBA and was wondering if my degree would be questioned or rejected. What do you think? Any similar experience?

  2. nyvrem

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    i personally know someone with a BBA from Essec Business School who is doing her MBA in US. She did have some work experience. I also know friends who studied in UK and obtained their 3 year degrees and went on to do their MBA's in the US. i don't see why it's not possible. If you have worries, drop some of the US universities in mind and ask them about it.
  3. TheEternalLearner

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    nyvrem, Thanks!!!!
  4. Ian Anderson

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    When I took my MSQA there was a woman with a three year bachelor degree. At first the university did not want to accept her until they found out she had several A-levels. That allowed her entrance into the program.

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