Will schools accepts CLEP/DANTES after enrollment?

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  1. Godwulfe

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    I appreciate all the help from this forum as I navigate this journey.

    Can you still do CLEPS/DANTES after you've enrolled in a school?

    I guess what I'm asking is - if I enroll in a program, can I continue to do CLEPS/DANTES (towards that degree) and then transfer those credits in, or do they all have to be done and transferred at enrollment?

  2. TMW2009

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    The short answer is 'It depends.'

    Some schools will charge a fee to bring in credits from CLEPS taken during the student's enrollment at the school.

    Some schools will bring them in for free.

    And some schools just may not accept them.

    Some schools also charge to bring prior credits into the program at the time of enrollment, (whether they're tests, classes, or other credits like from ACE approved courses.)

    The best answer is that the student should check with the admissions office of the school for a clear view of what exactly they will/will not allow, and if there's a fee involved.

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    From my experience is YES. Troy University that I had interacted with...
  4. jaer57

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    That's the best advice you'll get on this. I'm sure they all have a policy on it.

    I can only speak for my school, but they accepted CLEPS and DANTES exams with no fee. However, the would only accept a certain number of credits in the various areas, and they didn't accept certain exams at all. For example, they accepted the CLEP English Composition with essay, but they would not accept the one without. Also, they required a 60 on that exam for it count, higher than the ACE recommended 50. I also couldn't test out of anything related to my major. As far as CLEP and DANTES while enrolled; I graduated with a DANTES exam. I had finished all of my requirements except for 3 credit hours of humanities. One Ethics in America exam later and I was done.
  5. Godwulfe

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    Thanks to all of you.
    That helps a lot.

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