Will Navy Tuition Assistance pay for IT certifications?

Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by MichaelRea, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. MichaelRea

    MichaelRea New Member

    I'm currently using my MGIB for my undergrad/graduate degrees, and am wondering if the Navy's TA program will cover exam fees for IT certifications, such as CEH, Sec+, Net+.

  2. Notiswas

    Notiswas New Member

    Navy tuition assistance will not cover certifications, but not is all lost! In order to have certifications fully-funded, you need to petition a different pot of money. The Navy COOL program will pay for as many certifications as you'd like, provided you 1) meet the individual requirements for the cert in-question and 2) have at least a year remaining on active duty. You may search for certifications on the website in relation to your occupation in the Navy and other skills that you might possess i.e.: instructor, leadership; photography; IT, etc. I know for a fact that the CompTia+ (sp?) is offered through Navy COOL and has proven to be a pwerful IT credential.

    I myself ended up with 3 certifications and would have pursued others had I been better informed. Do your research on each cert that you are interested in as while there are great credentials offered through this program, I hate to say it but some aren't worth the paper they are printed on. Also keep in mind Navy COOL will pay the money come time for you to recertify. I try to encourage my young sailors to capitalize on this opportunity, but you can only lead them to the water....
  3. MichaelRea

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    Ah gotcha. As an IS, I'm only able to get the GSEC cert. The IT's and CTN's get all the nice certs. *sigh*

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