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    Hello everyone ,

    May I ask if those universities are Accredited by U.S. Department of Education ? because I found out they are accepted by some Eroupian countries , may I ask if anyone knows what is the Eroupian countries standerd for US Undergraduate Certificate or else

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    Hi Sudak: These schools have the best form of US accreditation, often called "regional accreditation." It is granted by non-governmental bodies, each covering part of the US. The regional accreditors are recognized by the federal Department of Education, but the federal Department of Education does not directly accredit schools. These schools are entirely legitimate as far as their accreditation is concerned. Janko
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    Unlike in other countries (where ministries of education are directly responsible for accreditation of universities), the U.S Department of Education does not directly accredit schools. United States Department of Education (through CHEA) awards recognition to accreditation agencies. CHEA means Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Schools that are accredited by recognized accreditation agencies are referred to as “accredited schools”. The accreditation agencies that accredit colleges and universities in the United States are as follows:

    A. Regional Accreditation (RA) --- The gold standard
    1. New England Association of Colleges and Schools (for schools in the northeast region of the U.S)
    2. Middle States Association of Colleges and States (for schools located in the Middle Atlantic region of the U.S and the Caribbean)
    3. North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (for schools in the Mid-west and Southwest)
    4. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (for Schools located in the South and Southeast region of the U.S)
    5. Western association of Colleges and Schools (for schools in California, Hawaii, Guam, and other Pacific Islands)
    6. North Western Association of Colleges and Schools (for Schools in the Pacific Northwest region of the US)
    * Accreditation or Licensure by the State of New York is equivalent to RA.

    B. National Accreditation (NA) --- The silver standard
    1. Distance Education Training Council (DETC) (up to master's degree and first professional degree).
    2. Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (up to master's degree).
    3. Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) --- for religious colleges.
    4. Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges (AABC)

    C. Professional Accreditation (programmatic accreditation) --- The platinum standard
    To achieve platinum standard, a school needs both RA and professional accreditation suchs as ABA, AACSB, AMA, ABET, AOA, APA, etc.

    * For a professional accreditation to be regarded as the platinum standard, it should have proper recognition such as USDE or CHEA recognition, etc.

    Ike Okonkwo
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    uncle janko & Ike

    Thank you guys for the positive reply ...... I start to learn somthing

  5. Doubt it..

    Says who? Certainly not CHEA and/or the United States Department of Education! According to them, all recognized institutional accreditors are equally valid.

    Maybe next time you should let it be known that your statements are based on your opinions; not fact. Making these statements as a matter of fact could potentially damage completely valid and recognized accreditors who are national in scope. If those accreditors ever started cracking down on such discriminatory, libelous, and defamatory statements, and I believe they eventually will, you could be held personally accountable.

    I graduated from a distance NA school, a distance RA school, and a residential top-tier RA school. I can honestly say that the distance NA school provided me with the best and most difficult education.

    The distance RA courses were easier than my 9th grade work, and proctored exams weren’t even a requirement. Additionally, way too much of the distance RA course grades were based on discussion thread participation.

    The top-tier school was even worse; they were run by liberal academic elites who based a lot of their grading on who you were, what you believed, and how well you kissed tooshy. Luckily I was able to beat the system and graduate with a near perfect gpa. I did this by pretending I cared about their elitist hypocrisy/liberal views.

    The above is not what school should be about. To avoid this, one can enroll in a mail-based NA degree program. There, via proctored exams, you will mainly be judged on proven learning outcomes.
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    Re: Doubt it..

    It is a fact not an opinion that RA is the Gold standard and NA is below that. If you've actually experienced an exception it still does not reverse the fact.
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    We are talking accreditation not learning experiences. Please don't confuse those unfamiliar with US accreditation. It is clear RA is the preferred choice and above all alternative accreditation. Name the top ten US universities. Are they RA or other form of accreditation? If a school could choose any one form of accreditation, what would it be? Clearly RA is the preferred choice. Schools choose DETC or other forms when they are not capable of acheiving RA. That doesn't mean there are not great DETC schools out there or that a good DETC school might not be a good choice, but, again that isn't the question here.
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    Re: Doubt it..

    You are perfectly right. RA programs are easier than 9th grade work I can finish all of my MIS courses(5 courses) within 2 weeks. You just need to write couple of review questions every chapter. No faculty participation ... no organised discussion etc etc

    I think RA standards are way below compared to NA
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    Re: Re: Doubt it..

    I can understand your being disappointed in a degree program that is unchallenging. Tranfering that disappointment into generalization about accreditation standards is a mighty big jump.

    How many RA DL programs have you taken classes in? How many NA DL programs have you taken classes in? One datapoint does not make a knowledgable opinion. As poorly constructed as your RA program is I bet I can find 10 DETC programs that are worse.
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    Re: Re: Re: Doubt it..

    I have taken courses in two RA schools. Both were disappointing. One was B&M school with more than 100 yrs of history and the other "online school". I am totally disappointed with both the programs. A 9th grader can easily do these courses and get "A" grade. I know couple of friends taking courses in some local public schools here and have similar complaints on "challenge".

    I think these online programs are a "easy way" to make money.
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