Why Narayana West Bengal out shines other CBSE schools in the town

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    The Narayana Group is one of Asia’s largest educational conglomerates where over 30,000 teaching and non-teaching faculty provide world class education for more than 3,80,000 students. Spread across 13 states in India, the Narayana family is home to a flourishing academia with 200 schools, 400 junior colleges and 25 professional colleges.
    Few of the best features why Naryana out stands other schools are:
    1) nConnect app:
    nConnect is a one-stop shop for all communication needs between a Parent and a School. Parents can now receive instant notifications about latest announcements, events, exam schedules and much more. Apart from this, they can also chat with any of their kid's teachers and resolve doubts and issues seamlessly. They can also stay up-to-date on their Kid's daily activities with constant updates in the form of Stories from the Teachers.

    2) nDigital: In the 21st century Narayana believes in giving a digital edge to its students. The n-Digital facility includes augmented reality textbooks digital classrooms, 3D labs and much more. All these facilities make Narayana a different and amazing place to learn at.

    3) nLearn: This app helps students prepare for competitive examinations. The students will have access to online master classes by the finest teachers in the country. They can gain in depth knowledge of every topic in all the subjects. Also, they have access to a digital library full of every best text books available all over the world. This is to save the time and the student can learn more, especially the student who are below average can find it interesting and easy to study. And nLearn is a 3D app, the students are going to enjoy it.

    4) n-secure:This is a great facility provided by Narayana school as it has real time bus tracking and constant notifications to the parents for their child's safety.

    With all such amazing facilities Narayana West bengal is indeed the best and most secured place for your child to learn and grow at. Also it is the best boarding and CBSE chain of schools. Admissions open for Nursery to X. Give your child the chance to learn at such beautiful place.
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    Narayana group of institutions and Sri Chaithanya group of institutions (in India) are some examples of extreme corporate education abuse.

    Students are treated like shit, forced to study for 12-18 hours a day under inhumane conditions. All they care about is results, and they go to any extents to show that their students secured most top ranks in admission tests for Engineering/Medicin etc.

    Rumor is that they even rig the admission tests (of course by bribing the corrupt officials) and supply them to their students who are willing to pay top bucks.

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